The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Ego, Ayesha, the planet Sovereign … What to remember from the last trailer!

Cinema 7 March, 2017

The last trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is as fun as cool! Ente Ego, Ayesha and Planet Sovereign, there were loads of things not to be missed. Decryption!
The hype is real, fellas! Go, honestly, the last trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, in which Ego was unveiled , was as fun as exciting! Not only did we find our heroes more fit than ever – Rocket did not lose his viper tongue or Drax, his side got into it – but in addition he did FINALLY the knowledge of Ego (Kurt Russell), aka The living planet, Peter Quill’s father. But in fact, there were a lot of other things to be spotted in this trailer , which nevertheless strove not to give too much clues about the general plot of the film. As a result, melty’s editorial board has focused on these small details of importance that could have escaped the eyes less exercised. Or simply to attentions too much solicited by the verve of our heroes to take into account the elements of the scenery. Whether Ayesha, who plays the villain of the film, the planet Sovereign, where apparently unfolds a part of the story, or finally Ego itself, here is what should not be missed in the last trailer of the Guardians Of the Galaxy vol 2 .
And we obviously start with Ayesha, who showed the tip of his nose for the first time in a recent teaser of the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and which visibly occupies a rather ambiguous place. The villain appears relatively early in the trailer as she faces our band of marginal sympathetic. And she clearly reveals her intentions when she declares: ” I see them in you, fear, jealousy, treason, it is our duty to purify the universe of these weaknesses . One must believe that Ayesha takes a little for Joan of Arc and feels invested with a mission, that of putting things in order . Probably will sacrifice a part of the galaxy to achieve it!
Sovereign, the planet where Ayesha and his minions reside, seems to me to be the best thing to do, as far as we can see, the battle between Star Lord and company and the octopus of space . This world, which looks extremely sumptuous but which houses not very nice people, appears more than once in the trailer. It is here that Gamora finds his sister Nebula, who will ally with the Guardians a priori, and it is also here that our heroine gives a few steps of dance with Peter Quill. At least it looks like it. This, of course, means that our Guardians are not prisoners of Ayesha nor are they forced to remain on the planet. There is therefore a good chance that the band will be on Sovereign precisely at the request of Ayesha , So perhaps to help him face the tentacle monster. This does not mean that it will not try to overtake them! Indeed, we can see at the beginning of the trailer what looks like small personal ships piloted by beings with golden skin, like Ayesha. And they seem very determined to attack Milano and our superheroes!
But, speaking of planet, obviously we can not not evoke the presence of Ego, the real star of this last trailer, the one we finally expected to see! True, he takes his time to show himself, disembarking from his ship on a planet in the style of Amazon jungle, where probably crash Peter Quill and his group. We do not have the opportunity to learn much about him , except that he apparently does not move in space in the form of a moving planet but, like any other Alien lambda, in spaceship. As for the silhouette that stands beside him, it did not take us much time to realize that it was Mantis,
However, Peter Quill’s father may be more than once in the trailer. Because there’s this scene, in the middle of the video, where we see Star Lord and Rocket jumping from a ship in a bad state with the background … a kind of big sprawling planet. The same planet, which obviously serves as a battlefield at the end of the trailer. And here, part of us thinks that it is perhaps the real form of Ego, that precisely of the living planet . So yes, it would be a bit creepy and we clearly prefer it with the head of Kurt Russell. However, it would not be surprising if Star Lord’s father would show up in his true light. Come on, More than a few tiny weeks before we can verify this with the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 at the cinema! What did you think of the trailer?