The Labyrinth 3, The Mortal Remedy: Farewells touching the characters?

Cinema 25 May, 2017

The Labyrinth 3: The Deadly Remedy should offer a true conclusion to each of our heroes. And that’s one of the actresses of the film that promises us!
With the accident of Dylan O’Brien , fans of the Labyrinth have long been without news of the last episode of the trilogy taken from the books of James Dashner. But now that the young actor has completely recovered from his injuries and that the filming of the film ended without further incident, it is possible and expected that new details about the film will gradually be revealed . It will not have been long before new announcements reach us, starting with those concerning the cast! The editor of Melty told you very recently that Walton Goggins had joined the distribution of Labyrinth 3: The Deadly Remedy in a Key Role . But hey, we will not lie, we, what we want, This is information about his plot – which is likely to differ enormously from that narrated in Dashner’s third book – and his characters ! Fortunately, Kaya Scodelario, who lends her traits to Teresa, is there to satisfy our appetite as a hungry fan.
In an interview for Screen Rant, the young actress has indeed entrusted himself to The Labyrinth 3: The Mortal Remedy and assures us that it should allow to close satisfactorily the history of all the characters. Even tearing away a few tears. She says, ” We just finished filming, I think we say goodbye to the characters and we conclude all the stories.” The film tells of a rescue mission, they want to find Minho, they enter WCKD and They try to understand the decision Teresa made in the last film, to understand that she did not betray them . ” Because if you remember correctly, it was Teresa who told WCKD where Thomas and his companions were, Pushing the organization to organize a large-scale operation to recover them. It remains to be seen then what explanations the girl will provide to her friends to justify her act … Meanwhile, Labyrinth 3: The Mortal Remedy, of which Dylan O’Brien has unveiled behind the scenes , should answer all our questions. And play a lot with our emotions! What do you expect from this film?