The Magic Order : Netflix faces DC and Marvel in the field of comics in a new teaser

Cinema 31 May, 2018






Netflix is trying out a new genre, the comic-trailer, for the release of an upcoming comicbook in partnership with Mark Millar.

In the world of comics, Mark Millar is a bit of a daron in the middle. Author of comics internationally renowned, Millar has shown in Marvel and DC and has imposed sagas cultissimes. One owes him in particular the best-selling the Civil War, Old Man Logan, or even Flash and Superman for DC.

In 2004, the author takes a step back to set up his own small business : Millarworld. The small publisher has produced under his label, beautiful nuggets during his best years. One owes him in particular Nemesis, so Batman pyschopathe, Kick-Ass, Kingsman : the Secret Service and more recently the excellent Jupiter”s Legacy.


Dreams were how we got started.

— Netflix US (@netflix) 7 August 2017


Anyway, all that to say that today the giant of the streaming has decided to diversify his horizons. The manitou of the VOD is therefore preparing to publish next month a series of comics in partnership with Mark Millar, under the title of The Magic Order. This is the third purchase of the same gender — after Marvel by Disney and DC by Warner — that a partnership such as this one concludes. Like what, Netflix has big ambitions.



Here is the short synopsis of the title :

“We live in a world where we have never seen a monster, and the Magic Order is the reason why we fall asleep peacefully in our beds. Magic meets mafia in The Magic Order, where five families of magicians – who have sworn to protect our world for generations – have to face an enemy who eliminates one by one. On the day, they live among us as our neighbors, friends and colleagues, but at night, they are sorcerers, magicians, and sorcerers who protect us from the forces of evil… unless evil does not spread to them first.”


As soon as there are wizards, we can sign !


To accompany Mark Millar in the scenario, one will find the French Olivier Coipel, who is shown, among other things, in a few series for Marvel. In short, with the pen of Millar and the leg of Coipel, the project is becoming more. Remains to know one thing : if the comic is successful, is that Netflix will adapt into a tv series for its platform ?

The six volumes of The Magic Order come in kiosks the next 13 June.