The movies you have to watch at least twice to capture everything in history

Cinema 28 February, 2017

Be nice, rewind.
If there are many (too many) movies that do not even deserve to be watched once, next to it, you have some nuggets that force you to violate the replay button for a second (or even several) sessions Of viewing . Not that you are taken for a stupid one who did not understand at first, but the very nature of the feature film, which often breaks down with a stunning final twist, forces us to reconsider things from a new point of view. view. ( Attention: immense SPOILERS have slipped into this article ).
A film that completely disconcerts you, like the hero Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), who suffers from an amnesia causing him to tattoo on the body a whole bunch of info to find the murderer of his wife. Michael Scoffield is a little player next to this guy. But where the magic of Christopher Nolan operates, it is in the tortuous montage of the scenes, which follows a particular chronology based on flashbacks and leaks forward . Until the final climax (which actually corresponds to the middle of the story). In short, a hardcore movie to pitcher, so go and watch it. And preferably twice.
The Army of 12 Monkeys
Another story about mabouls. By 2035, the world had only a handful of survivors who had taken refuge in the earth after the spread of a deadly virus. Scientists decide to send Cole (Bruce Willis) in the past to discover the origin of this virus, which they think has been dropped by “The Army of Twelve Apes,” a mysterious group of animal defenses . There, Cole will meet Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt), who is initially a tart in an asylum, then a few years later, the leader of the Army of the Twelve Apes. Throughout the film, Cole will ask himself if he is not hallucinating, and if the scientists of 2035 are not the mere fruit of his imagination.
Donnie Darko
Just to understand the end of this film really ché-per, a second viewing is necessary. Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a brilliant but a little disturbed teenager, who has an imaginary friend resembling a rather creepy humanoid rabbit: Frank. The latter announces to him – one night when the teen almost clamored – that there are only 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds before the end of the world . During all this morbid countdown, Donnie will obey a lot of orders blown by Frank, with each time unsuspected chain reactions. To watch again and again !
Fight Club
Shunned for its release, “Fight Club” has become over time a classic, not least for its savage violence, its anti-consumerist replicas and mega final twist: Tyler Durden is like the spoon in Matrix , it n ‘does not exist. Cracked up by Brad Pitt (again) is only an avatar of the disturbed mind of the Narrator (Edward Norton) . An avatar that bumps hard and wants to fuck up society, because “she has too many problems . ” This good old Tyler is disturbing and prints itself in your mind in the same way as the dicks that it incruste in the movies family of the cinema where it works …
“Each magic trick has three parts, or acts: the first is called the promise: the magician presents something ordinary to you: the second act is called the trick: the magician uses this ordinary thing to make him accomplish something But you can not bring yourself to applause, because to make something disappear is insufficient, you still have to get it back, so you seek the secret but you do not find it because, of course, you Do not look carefully. You do not really want to know … You want to be fooled . ” Dupé, it is indeed the feeling that animates us at the end of this new magic trick of Christopher Nolan, Which reveals to us the end of the rivalry between two ambitious and unscrupulous magicians during a stunning twist . A must see twice, as the number of Christian Bale in this film …
Old Boy
Removed and sequestered without reason for 15 years with a TV for only cell companion, Oh Dae-su is released one day without further explanations. In his quest for truth, he binds friendship and then love with Mi-do, a young girl who has collected him . Then he discovers the identity of his executioner: Lee Woo-jin, a former schoolmate he had caught fucking with his own sister. The rumor spread throughout the school had prompted the miss to commit suicide. Lee organized his revenge by pushing Oh Dae-su to incest and to sleep with his own daughter, who was none other than … Mi-do . In short, one of the greatest masterpieces of South Korean cinema.
Usual Suspects
The cup of coffee that breaks to the ground. Looks at the back wall. The shameful name-dropping of “Verbal” Kint. And the truth that bursts out in the face of Inspector Kujan. A cult epilogue for a thriller who built his legend around the mysterious Keyser Söze : a bloodthirsty criminal that everyone speaks but that no one has ever seen. Well, it was before they all realized (far too late) that he was a shabby, shabby little lame trick who deceived his whole world. “The most cunning blow the devil ever made was to make everyone believe that he did not exist . ”
Shutter Island
Tired or not tared? This is the only question that gnaws at us at the end of this psychological drama of Martin Scorsese with the immense DiCaprio in the lead role. The beautiful kid goes to investigate the disappearance of a patient of a haunted asylum lost in the middle of an island. In the course of his investigations, marshall Teddy Daniels is gradually losing ground, to the point of being persuaded by the hospital staff, that he is in reality one of the patients of the asylum and that this “mission” is only An invention forming part of its therapy . I confess that every time I finish this film, I end up as lost as him …
Ah bah, here’s another film that leaves me in the fog. And I’m not the only one in view of all the theories that continue to flow on the net: did this damn spinning stopped spinning or not? In other words, does the final happy ending, which sees Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio there again) find his children is an umpteenth dream or reality? “The question of whether it is a dream or not is that I get asked the most. It matters to people because it is the essence of reality. Reality account” , has recognized the Director Christopher Nolan at a lecture at Princeton University, adding, “At the end of this film, the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cobb, Finds himself with his children, at least in his subjective reality. He has nothing more to do (to know if he is in his real life, note) and it says something: maybe all levels of reality are valid . ” You are more advanced than before ?
The Sixth Sense
Certainly the final twist that has most marked the general public and which is the authentic in the schools of cinema. Night Shyamalan walked the length of the film with the patient psycho / patient relationship between Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) and Cole, a kid who “sees the dead” . In fact, the dead man he saw most often was none other than his stubborn psychic who still imagined himself alive, the cunt . The film “The Others” follows very closely the same frame.