The New Mutants: James McAvoy at the casting?

Cinema 6 January, 2017

Little by little, The New Mutants is making its nest. And apparently James McAvoy would be there.
The X-Men saga is now over. Place at the New Mutants, the new project of the Fox around the mutants! Even though for now, the film is still in the bud, with no release date or filming planned. For now, all we know is that Professor X will be part . It was producer Simon Kinberg who announced it himself a few months ago. But he had not specified which. He played by Patrick Stewart, or the youngest, played by James McAvoy ? It seems that today we have our answer! And it comes from the actress Anya Taylor-Joy , who are now ready for the role Ilyana Nikolievna Rasputin, aka Magik sister of Colossus in The New Mutants . In an interview with Coming Soon , the young actress, which will be on view from Split with James McAvoy from February 22, 2017, has indeed let slip that they may find themselves very quickly. “I can not say much, but I would like to be part of The New Mutants. I think this year is going to be exciting. I mean, I think James is already included, is not it? ” She has said.
This statement is obviously to be taken with tweezers, since nothing has been confirmed for now. But as it turned with James McAvoy for months for the film Split , if it says that’s he had to talk to him, right? Especially because, according to rumors, Alexandra Shipp could regain its role as Storm in The New Mutants . If the young Storm is part of the film, Professor X can only be the young Professor X, aka James McAvoy. But it is not yet rumors, like Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane , Nat Wolff in the Cannonball and Sunspot and the presence of Mirage as other team members. The director, Josh Boone, talked about a release in May. Perhaps we will discover the casting at that time. And you what do you think ?