The Originals Renewed for a 5 season, what characters from The Vampire Diaries could come back?

Cinema 12 May, 2017

While The Originals was renewed for a season 5, some characters from The Vampire Diaries could come to visit New Orleans. But which ones?
A wonderful news! After several weeks of questioning, The Originals was finally renewed for a fifth chapter. Supported by a large community of followers, the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries will take us on the adventures of the Mikaelson family for a little while and that’s just great news. But what is even more gratifying is that we will have the opportunity to find some of the characters in the series . Indeed, Julie Plec has never hidden that she would be delighted that former inhabitants of Mystic Falls come to settle in New Orleans. While the ‘
Caroline Forbes
Obviously, the pretty blonde is the first on our list. It must be said that the young lady shares a very special connection with Klaus and that the admirers of Klaroline are eager to see if a spark could rekindle between them since Caroline has now lost Stefan. Good news, Candice King confided that she was not against the idea of ​​coming for a ride on the sets of shooting of New Orleans provided she can enjoy her little family before. Hope is therefore allowed and it makes us very happy so much Caroline Forbes is a sun all by herself .
Alaric Saltzman
Alaric may not be the favorite character of the fans but he has two advantages for him: he is very connected to Caroline and he has already come several times to New Orleans. So it is not entirely excluded to see him land in the city of Klaus very soon . With his knowledge of black magic and his pronounced taste for adventure, no doubt he would make a perfect recruit for the Mikaelson. Matt Davis seems, in any case, quite enthusiastic when he shares the screen with Joseph Morgan so lying guys!
Bonnie Bennett
The pretty witch of Mystic Falls has gone off to adventure but nothing prevents her from making a stop by New Orleans. It is crazy to see her concoct a spell alongside Freya and put Klaus back in place. Moreover, we would love her to be happy again. Who knows ? Perhaps the Prince Charming is waiting for him in this city where the mysteries are set. And then, if Caroline lands, she will need her best friend if she wants to confide in peace on the CW !
Jeremy Gilbert
If Steven R. McQueen breaks into Chicago Fire, he may want to return to his first love as Jeremy. After all, he has now become a teacher in Caroline’s school and it would be very interesting to explore this new facet of his personality. It must be said that he is a man from now on and that he certainly has many stories to tell . While waiting to learn more, find out why The Vampire Diaries has had such success on melty . What characters would you like to find in The Originals?