The Originals season 3: Rebekah in danger of death, what will happen next week?

Cinema 22 April, 2017

Lucien is now more powerful than the Mikaelson and will threaten Rebekah in season 3 of The Originals. What will happen next week on SerieClub?
Tonight, the Mikaelson have landed in Mystic Falls in the new episodes of season 3 of The Originals , broadcast on SerieClub . If we dread Tristan and Aurora, it was Lucien who proved to be the worst enemy of the Mikaelson and the inhabitants of New Orleans. The vampire forced Freya and Vincent to realize a spell that made him still powerful then the original family. Lucien can now kill the Mikaelson in season 3 of The Originals . Finn made the money and poor Cami could not escape death again. When Kol, still a victim of a terrible curse, he attacked his girlfriend Davina. Is she really dead? Next week, the tension will rise, A joke because SerieClub will broadcast the final three episodes of season 3 of The Originals . But what will happen in episodes 20 to 22?
In the upcoming episodes of Season 3 of The Originals , Kol will be inconsolable in realizing that he actually killed his girlfriend. He will meet Marcel, evidently furious to find his protege without life. However, Kol will not give up. He will then appeal to Vincent to resurrect the witch. Freya will also lend them a hand by channeling the powers of Elijah in order to preserve the spirit of Davina. But very soon another problem will point the tip of his nose. Lucien will target Rebekah. Klaus and Hayley will have to go to the Bayou to retrieve the coffin of the young woman. Will they really be able to compete with Lucien and save her? You will be given an appointment , as of Friday night next from 20:50 on SerieClub , for the knowledge. Meanwhile, find out what series are now watching as The Vampire Diaries series is over . And you the meltynauts, are you eager to discover the next episodes of season 3 of The Originals?