The Originals Season 4: Episode 1, Hayley Successful? Our criticism

Cinema 18 March, 2017

Last night, season 4 of The Originals was launched on the American channel The CW. Then discover our criticism of episode 1!
After months of waiting the series The Originals is finally back with a first episode captivating and full of action, which does not waste time putting up the various intrigues of the season . We find the characters 5 years later, while Marcel restored peace and calm in New Orleans, creating a pact with the witches of which Vincent is the leader and that Hayley is always looking for an ingredient to complete the cures. It is finally Hayley and Marcel who are at the center of episode 1 of season 4 of The Originals , showing that their characters are just as important and legitimate as the Mikaelson – and that without them the original family would certainly be More .
A certain Alistair, descended from the lineage of Klaus, is in town for the occasion and is determined to obtain the revenge that he has long awaited. Not only does he want to kill Klaus, but he wants to destroy the entire Mikaelson family, which includes Hayley and Hope. There is a rumor among the vampires that Elijah is still alive, since the members of his lineage are still alive and Marcel ends up discovering the pot-aux-roses: all the Mikaelsons are still alive, only thanks to the survival of Klaus. Fortunately, one can always count on Marcel’s strong feelings towards Rebekah and he can not then resolve to eliminate Klaus definitively because he would kill her in the process. Furthermore, Having Klaus as a prisoner allows him to establish a little more power over all the vampires of New Orleans and to be respected – or even feared – by others. Moreover, he uses Klaus to give a good lesson to Alistair and the others who came to celebrate this “anniversary” . This episode and the conversations between Klaus and Marcel remind us enormously of the first episodes of season 1 and this last is really perfect as King of the city.
Meanwhile, Hayley finally has a track to find the last ingredient that could save all Mikaelson. If she already has what it takes to save Rebakah and Freya, he lacks the venom of one of the packs of werewolves in order to save Elijah and Kol. It is thanks to Mary – the mother of Jackson – that she discovers the last survivor of the lineage she seeks: Keelin. After taking his venom by force, Hayley must then wake up Freya so that she realizes the fate that can save her brothers. It was at this point that Alistair’s men landed and Hayley had yet to do everything to protect his family. She devotes herself to a violent and bloody fight, even going so far as to turn into a she-wolf, and wow, what a badass! While she is naked and still has to fight two opponents, someone does the job in her place and we understand that the fate has worked. Elijah stands behind her and we can not hide our emotion. These reunions are enormously enjoyable to see and we are now anxious that they all release Klaus. Finally, we will end by saying a word about Hope. If the daughter of Hayley and Klaus appears to us like any cute, there is no doubt that something mysterious and dark is woven with her character, if we believe the last scene. This first episode is a very nice entry and we are looking forward to see the rest of it, by the way, you can already read the synopsis of episode 2 of season 4 of The Originals