The Originals Season 4: Episode 6, What’s Gonna Happen?

Cinema 18 April, 2017

Klaus and Elijah will face a new threat in episode 6 of season 4 of The Originals. What will happen in “Bag of Cobras”?

But who is really the Hollow? One thing is certain, this supernatural and evil force is very powerful. Indeed, this spirit almost almost forced Klaus and Marcel to kill each other in season 4 of The Originals . Moreover, the Hollow is not alone! It seems that he has disciples who will soon attack the Mikaelson family. It was revealed that in the promotional video of episode 6 of season 4 of The Originals, Klaus and Elijah will track down a new threat in “Bag of Cobras” . Who is this new enemy? Does he cooperate with the Hollow of his own free will or is he another victim of this Machiavellian spirit? Will the Mikaelson family unmask it before it’s too late? Klaus and Elijah will have a plan to determine who is after them. What’s going to happen in episode 6 of season 4 of The Originals ?
In “Bag of Cobras” , the Mikaelson will discover that the Hollow has a servant as mysterious as dangerous. Thus, Klaus and Elijah will not lose a single second, they will organize a small party in order to trap this new threat and lead it to them to unmask it. The two brothers will be able to count on Vincent to lend a helping hand to them because the wizard will always feel guilty of the reappearance of the Hollow and will have only one idea in season 4 of The Originals , eliminate it. For his part, Hayley will ask Freya for help after he finds new information about the death of his parents. The young woman will try to unlock memories of the day that was fatal to them. Pending April 28 to find out more, (Re) discover our review of episode 5 of season 4 of The Originals. So the meltynauts, do you look forward to episode 6 of season 4 of The Originals?