The Orville : hop aboard the delirium of Seth MacFarlane with Warner TV !

Cinema 28 September, 2018






It is a series that is desperate to see a day arrive in France. The Orville was one of those. Fortunately, Warner TV will very soon at all curious to discover it. Theseries from Seth MacFarlane will be broadcast in France from October 1 on Warner TV, at 20H55 !

Warner TV is available only with the Channel on the chain 42 in the offers Essential Family, in the Free offering TV Panorama by Channel on the chain 82, in the offer Orange Family by Channel on the chain 80, and in Belgium with VOO in the offer Family Fun.




A parody of a genre of ultra-codified is a perilous exercise. Do not the time of a film, but on the set of a series is a challenge almost kamikaze. And against all odds, Seth MacFarlane has taken up the challenge hands down.

Past on the big screen at the time of Ted andAlbert west, we were not sure of finding the author behind the hilarious American dad ! and The Griffin again in the cockpit of a creative humorous way. It is, therefore, a divine surprise to be able to find it in The Orville, that it interprets and realizes.


A duo very… space


Fans of his quirky humor and talent with which he bites the tropisms of his contemporaries will find here all the ingredients that have made its success, in a new context and a damn evil one.

Seth MacFarlane interpreter by Captain Mercer, the head of the Orville, a ship of space exploration, in which his ex-wife, the commander-Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) has to be mutated.


Any crew who respects himself has need of a robot to the former



Beyond the humor typical of MacFarlane, the greatest pleasure of The Orville comes essentially of her universe. In effect, the series attaches special care when it comes to shaping a world that paid homage to Star Trek. Essential work in the history of science fiction, it has a lot counted in the pop culture and brought within the SF public quantity questions were fundamental.

At a time when his inheritance could appear a bit scattered, not to say misunderstood, The Orville manages to evoke, with a mixture of mischief and tenderness, codes, and great hours of this show that has marked several generations of spectators.

With its galaxy of tributes, thoughts and ideas, The Orville is at once one of the most honestly funny of the moment, and a real treat for science-fiction, always be ready to propose findings of well felt or spectacular (one thinks in particular of a zoo where walks a lookalike talkative of Pinhead ofHellraiser…).

You will have understood, we warmly encourage you to discover The Orville, which will be released in us from October 1 on Warner TV, at 20H55 !


This gentleman does it remind you of anything ?