The Power Rangers: 5 differences between the film and the original series

Cinema 27 January, 2017

The big return of the Power Rangers is soon, and it is the cinema that will be made. But do not expect a true copy of the original series. There are many differences to be expected, and melty has listed them.
Who has ever seen, child, at least one episode of Power Rangers ? This series marked the youth of many people when it was released in the 90s, and still continues today, because yes, although it is more than 20 years old, it still passes on television and Continues to fascinate the kids of the whole world! And in a few months, it is on a big screen that we will be able to re-discover them, in a new version, much more modern. And if the trailers reminded us of the world and the special atmosphere of the Power Rangers, we also spotted many differences with the original series. Starting with the tone, which looks much more serious than that of the series , where humor and lightness were present. Rather logical, when we know that it is intended for children. But for his film version, director Dean Israelite preferred something darker, more adult. Blood may well flow for good this time.
And speaking of blood, talking about Rita Repulsa , played by Elizabeth Banks in the film. It is much more terrifying. It must be said that in the original series, his costume is slightly (good ok, enormously) different. Composed of a large golden tunic and a kind of pompon hat, there is reason to wonder if the witch is not a clown in reality. While in the film, she has a green armor of the most badass. Indeed, some fans think she would be an old Power Rangers became nasty green , his costume had many similarities with those of our hero. Another big difference with the original series, the character of Goldar. With Rita Repulsa, he is one of the most emblematic enemies of the Power Rangers. And as the witch, the design Goldar has somewhat changed for the film . If he keeps his golden armor, he no longer has his face half monster monkey. Although it is more scary with this new look, many fans have complained of this drastic change.
And since is well on the momentum of the bad guys, let’s see the side of Megazord now. The mechanical robot has also changed from the original! Its simplistic design made of red, white and orange is recognizable among all, especially since it has long been a cult toy, children snatching it from its outlet in stores. But it is clear that it does not resemble at all in the film. Instead, they put us some sort of Transformers. But here’s where Optimus Prime is left at the end of Transformers 4 ! Finally, another big change to the series, it is the super-powers and costumes of our Power Rangers . Of one, they have superpowers outside their costumes, which is absolutely not the case in the original series, and of two, they get them, as well as their costumes, by finding an extraterrestrial comet , Whereas originally it was Zordon who recruited them and gave them the costumes, which he made himself. In short, you will have understood, if you are fans of Power Rangers, expect you still to many new and changes in the film. But ultimately, perhaps it is an evil for a good? Answer on March 24th! And what do you think of these changes?