The Power Rangers: Bryan Cranston “This movie is going to be something huge”

Cinema 18 January, 2017

Bryan Cranston reassures those who would be worried about the quality of the movie The Power Ranger: it should be huge!
In the first film Power Rangers on the big screen, the famous Bryan Cranston (Malcolm, Breaking Bad) will play Zordon, the mentor vigilantes. And for those who would worry about the quality of this adaptation of the television series, the actor was keen to reassure ! In an interview for AV Club, Bryan Cranston explained that “the film will be something huge” . But this is not all since added “The director (Dean Israelite) has a really nice personal touch. Also great may be the Power Ranger, Dean has the gift to something very down-to-earth , very real. I think the Power Rangers will turn the heads of the spectators, really ” . A statement that goes in the direction of the preceding declaration Bryan Cranston explained why have accepted the role of Zordon in the Power Rangers .
For those who missed an episode, a summary of the synopsis of Power Rangers, will bring a lot from the series “The film follows a group of five ordinary teenagers who have to live something extraordinary when they learn that their city Angel Grove – and above all the world – is on the verge of disappearing in the face of an enormous threat, chosen by fate, our heroes discover that they alone can save mankind, but to overcome their problems Personal and before it’s too late, fight as Rangers! ” . With such a short, fans of the first hour as the new will wait to see the film at the cinema . What do you think of this interview?