The Power Rangers: Team and Zords united on impressive new posters

Cinema 4 February, 2017

Two new posters of the movie The Powers Rangers have just been unveiled. You will find the team in full and in costume, accompanied by their incredible Zords!
So who is ready for the return of Power Rangers? After spending years on the screen, the team will soon land in our dark rooms. And what we’ve seen in the trailer of the movie Power Rangers , he has put the package, particularly in terms of costumes, the latter having been designated to be the most modern and air … less flashy . What to do in any case compete with Iron Man’s armor. But we also look forward to seeing our five heroes in control of their Zords , these huge storm machines they will use to fight the terrible Repulsa Rita ( Elizabeth Banks ) and his hordes of evil minions. Moreover, for those who would be curious to see a little more what the famous Zords of this new generation of Power Rangers look like, the Lionsgate studios have unveiled a new poster that puts them directly in the spotlight. But that is not all since a second poster, which the editorial of melty also makes you discover, has arrived up to us on which the whole team finds reunited. And in costume, please!
This is not the first time that we see the machines and 5 heroes, pictures of the Power Rangers movie we have already unveiled some time ago the look of Jason and company and their Zords . But we must say what is, these posters are awesome! They allow us to detail the slender silhouettes of the machines, some of which remind us of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Saber-toothed Tiger of the old series. Their design, however, evolved a bit to give them a more modern look that reinforces their side a little ” alien “. As for the second poster, it puts the team in the honor, the five young people having donned their new costumes. And it is becoming more and more evident that Jason (Dacre Montgomery), aka the Red Ranger, occupies the leading position in the group, as tradition demands. He is surrounded by Billy (RJ Cyler), Ranger Blue, Kimberly (Naomi Scott), wearing the pink outfit, Trini (Becky G), the other girl in the yellow suit, and Zack ), The Ranger Noir that we imagine of the solitary genre. If these signs are in themselves very classes, they are also a message: together, the five Power Rangers will be unbeatable ! How do you find the new costumes?