The Punisher : Jon Bernthal seems to be saying goodbye to the series

Cinema 23 January, 2019






Despite a season 2 freshly released on Netflix, the future is not rosy for The Punisher, and Jon Bernthal has done a reason.

Officially, there was no question of cancellation for Frank Castle. But after the disappearances consecutive of The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and especially Daredevil, the fate of the avenger may seem set in advance.

It must be said that despite a global project, ambitious and many more spectators, the future of the series and Marvel at Netflix is irremediably compromised, especially when Disney is about to launch in a few months its own streaming platform home : Disney +.


Don’t look back Jon


A statement that seems to establish also the interpreter of the vigilante, Jon Bernthal, even if he is careful to be as assertive in the columns of Variety.

“I know the situation and I am at peace with it. I’m worried about what I can control. When I’m in character and I am doing my job and that I invested, I do all my possible to be the best. But in this business, there are so many elements over which we have no outlet. Whatever happens with these series, these are decisions taken in places where I am not invited, and I accept it. “


Frank as he finished with the fight ?


This looks more like an elegy funereal that, at the announcement of the construction of a 3 season. That should not surprise anyone, especially after receiving critical and public of season 2, pretty hard.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed this season 2 of the Punisher.


Jon Bernthal