The series that any biker in the soul must mater

Cinema 24 April, 2017

Already because you are going to kiffer, then because there are not 10,000 possibilities, must be lucid. Here are the series where you see and hear betetar de betons.
Broum, broum, broouuumm! Aaah those who like to ride in two wheels, and more particularly by motorcycle, go to kiffer! The soft sound of the engine, the beautiful leather jackets, the characters not at all clichés, landscapes … Everything our friends bikers will remake now that the sunny days have come back.
Sons of anarchy
A Charming, small town in California, the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original runs the business. Both respected and feared, they make the rain and the good weather. With their code of honor, they maintain order . And precisely, when a struggle of territory engages between dealers and traffickers of arms, there is a job! Especially for Clay and Jackson (who runs the garage), the president and vice-president.
The bikers of space
Animated cartoon in the first part of the 90s, it was a delirium. The famous bikers of space are human-sized mice named Modo, Throttle and Vinnie . Let us admit. In addition, they drive semi-intelligent bikes, chipped on their planet Mars before disembarking on Earth. To do what ? We save Plutarchians, fishmen who have just destroyed their planet and want to do the same with us. So the bikers will defend us!
The rebel
The great art served by the great actor Lorenzo Lamas! Without being a fan of a motorbike, you remember his ganache, his long hair and his pace of falling on two wheels. At the base cop, Reno Raines wants to leave his taf at the request of his wife. History of leaving in beauty, it wants to denounce all the hoodlums of the post. Bad idea. The bastards release a guy to kill him, their plan starts in lollipop but Reno finds himself obliged to flee, accused of murder. He then engages in races pursuits in the United States, with strokes of handlebars and bastons, between Reno, shoemakers, other lascars …
At full throttle
With the title, we know what we are talking about! And when you mate the cartoon, like, no feint. Everyone loves the bike. Teddy Tojo who saves the life of Teddy Santarini and his mother, attacked … by bikers, Alexander the cousin of the second Teddy, Mia the sister of the first and Nathalie the nurse who treated him after an accident. Obviously, rivalry between the two Teddy wagons that heat up in competition , with love story intrigues to vary a bit of motorcycle racing.
A former car broadcast between 1977 and 1983 in the States, on NBC, before arriving in France. Two cops, Poncherello and Baker, are patrolling the California Highway Patrol, tracking the road robbers and delinquents around Los Angeles. For those interested, they drive in Kawazaki KZ 900 the first two seasons, before moving to a KZ 1000 C4 then full of other bikes , including Harley. Six seasons and 139 episodes, it makes you hours of motorcycle to watch. Have you ever had one? And hot to test another?