The series with a good LGBT representation is here

Cinema 13 May, 2017

Representation is good. Good performance is better! A short guide to LGBT friendly series that do good.
Representation is a concept that looks simple enough but that, apparently, is always as hard to apply for some showrunners. As they say, it takes everything to make a world and see lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters in the series, it always brings a certain touch of realism and open-mindedness some of whom would do well to take inspiration . Yes, the series with straight white men in lead is nice, but it feels good to see something else also not? We propose you a small list of LGBT friendly series in which the representation is not only there, but more importantly, realistic or happy or better: the 3 at the same time.
Gray’s Anatomy
In Gray’s Anatomy , everyone is treated the same way and that is his strength. Airplane accident, amputation, car accident, risky childbirth and other horrors that the fans know well … The characters can be straight, bi, gay or other, Shonda Rhimes does not give anybody a gift and it’s nice to see – finally Way of speaking . Yes, via Callie, Arizona or even couples of patients of the same kind, the series shows us that it is possible not to define its characters by their sexual orientation , without passing it over in silence. Thanks Shonda!
The L Word
Everything is in the title but since the word is still a bit scary today, it is said with you: lesbian – but it also works for love, lust and other themes according to the interpretation of each . Completed for several years – is also expected over – The L Word we sometimes delves with great detail in circles lesbians in Los Angeles with Bette, Tina, Alice, Shane, Dana and others. But that’s not all, as Max, a transgender person, also plays an important role in showing us some of the difficulties transgender people face. Despite a lot of clichés and stereotypes sometimes annoying, The L Word is above all a way to immerse completely in a world where ”
Faking It
Faking It is proof that MTV can do very good with not much. Small (and talented) casting, simple story, original pitch of departure and teenagers endearing: this is the recipe for the success of the series which ended in 2016 . With Amy discovering her bisexuality and her nascent love for her BFF while rejecting the labels, Shane who assumes her colorful homosexuality, Lauren who educates on her intersexuality and Noah, discreet transgender, the representation there is at the top and all delicacy. In short, it is only pleasure.
Despite a major negative point since the transgender character of the series is not a transgender actress, Transparent remains a small nugget to be enjoyed with pleasure. His freed and sometimes a bit crazy characters have something out of the ordinary and show that there is really no shame in being a different hair.
All the good things have an end but Looking’s was perhaps a little too premature and this is his biggest flaw. With Jonathan Groff charming as Patrick as possible , Looking takes us on a tour of the gay community of San Francisco and his love dramas, mixing humor and touching scenes.
One only has to look at a few episodes to realize that Sense8 is THE definition of self-acceptance and love for all . Tolerance and solidarity are at the heart of the Netflix series and there is nothing to say, nothing to see the sensates pick up with a single voice “What’s Up” to warm your heart on days of great sorrow ( And the others). All we have to do is to hope that, like them, we all one day come to put our differences aside and retain only the essential. Yes, we can always dream …
Obviously these are not the only series that include LGBT characters in their stories in an adroit way since Queer as Folk is also a cult of the genre, How to Get Away with Murder proves that network chains can show a lot if the will is there . And Shameless US , Orange is the New Black , Wynonna Earp and others still extend the list, do not hesitate to share your favorites! So, what do you think ?