The Vampire Diaries: 3 good reasons to (re) discover season 7 on Série Club!

Cinema 29 December, 2016

As Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries gets ready to land on Series Club, here are 3 good reasons to (re) see this chapter detonating!
We’re getting ready for January 13! And yes meltynautes in a few weeks we will have the pleasure of delighting us new episodes of season 7 of The Vampire Diaries on Série Club . And if you are not yet decided to embark on a marathon, the editorial ‘of melty decided to concoct you three good reasons to see or revisit this chapter very intense and rich in revelations. Let’s go !
The first season without Nina Dobrev!
We will not lie, the departure of Nina Dobrev has the effect of a real earthquake in the most hardcore fans of the series . It must be said that the young actress had become unavoidable in the show and that most of the intrigues revolved around Elena Gilbert and his love for the two brothers Salvatore. With her departure, Julie Plec and the whole team of screenwriters had to brainstorm in order to build new stories and set up new challenges for the other characters. It is therefore unlikely that you can miss this. Especially since they managed the tour de force to keep the spirit of Elena alive despite the departure of Nina Dobrev. We do not say more!
The couple Steroline!
At the end of the sixth season, Caroline begged Stefan to give her time to digest both her mother’s death and what she had done without her humanity. A legitimate request but that had left the fans of the couple even more impatient to see them together. The seventh chapter thus picks up where we had left and the problems are far from over . Between the Heretics and the unpredictable obstacles they will encounter, no doubt that if you have fallen under the spell of the Steroline couple, you must follow this new adventure. So, are they finally going to live a love story? Rendezvous on January 13!
The leap in time!
And yes the meltynauts, this is the main novelty of this seventh chapter. Thus, as we discover the present of our heroes during most episodes, we will have the right to some extremely intriguing flashforwards. And you have to be better prepared because you may be very surprised. Indeed, couples will be formed and others will tear when the missing characters will reappear . In short, the leap in time will never cease to torture your mind with lots of questions to which you will not get answers immediately. Prepare yourselves ! Meanwhile, discover our top 8 characters who deserve to meet the true love of melty. Are you looking forward to (re) discovering season 7 of The Vampire Diaries?