The Vampire Diaries is over … Discover 3 reasons to review the series from the beginning!

Cinema 16 April, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries recently finished on the CW, here are three reasons to review the series from the beginning without delay!
The people of Mystic Falls are missing! And yes the meltynauts, even if we gradually recover from the cancellation of The Vampire Diaries, we will not hide that our Fridays are much less joyful since the show with sharp fangs bent his bow. Especially since the final series of the CW flagship series ended on the death of one of our favorite characters, Stefan. Difficult therefore for the fans of the first hour to succeed in accepting the definitive end of a series that will definitely have marked their generation . While the editor of melty proposed to discover our top 5 WTF moments of The Vampire Diaries , here are three reasons to review the ”
To record all winks from the last season to the first episodes
Remember the Meltynauts, when Julie Plec announced that the eighth season would be the last, she had also promised that we would be entitled to many references to the first episodes. If some winks could not escape you – especially the show’s flagship replicas in the last season – others have certainly gone unnoticed. By granting a well deserved binge watching, you may find commonalities that we have not noticed so far . The opportunity perhaps to accept that the tragic events that concluded the show did indeed make sense.
To review how Elena has trained us in her story by accepting the true nature of Stefan
On reviewing the first episodes, you’ll immediately remember how tasty the story was during the brief period when Elena was unaware of the true nature of Stefan and therefore of Damon. It’s been so long that we follow the adventures of our love triangle that we almost forgot how the young woman discovered that her lover was a vampire and her innocence of the beginnings. A real dive in the past that will allow you to review exactly when it all began!
To fill the lack of our favorite characters with scenes that we may have forgotten
If the characters are missing as much as us, it’s time to do a marathon of all the seasons of the show. In addition to allowing you to see them again, you will also see scenes that you have forgotten or that you have not really paid attention to before. One way or another to discover new facets of these heroes that we enjoyed following eight years . You can even watch the episodes in VO though if you had seen the first seasons in VF history of approaching the plots from an unprecedented angle. While waiting for more info, discover our top 6 moments that made us cry the most in The Vampire Diaries on melty. Are you going to revisit the series in its entirety?