The Vampire Diaries is over … Top 5 most WTF moments!

Cinema 15 April, 2017

While The Vampire Diaries recently pulled back on the CW, back on the most WTF moments of a show that will have marked a whole generation!
Cliffhangers galore! And yes the meltynauts, if The Vampire Diaries has distinguished itself by extraordinary replicas, the show also offered us completely crazy moments. With the arrival of wicked men and people ready to do anything to destroy the Salvatore brothers, we witnessed scenes that almost made us fall from our chair. It must be confessed, the imagination of the writers has sometimes put us in all our states . While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover our top 6 moments that made us cry in The Vampire Diaries , return on the most WTF instants of the series with sharp fangs!
Klaus seizes Alaric’s body
Remember, in the second season of the CW flagship series , Klaus Mikaelson has been waiting long. There was much talk about him and his desire to sacrifice Elena to see her most cherished wish come true. But before he could revel in the charism of Joseph Morgan, Klaus had first decided to appear in Alaric’s body . A crazy moment that literally shocked our favorite characters!
Elena burns her house
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Elena burns her house!

Jeremy almost went there at the time and after having already lost her entire family, the beautiful Elena was a serious cable in farewell to her little brother. Her despair had, moreover, broken our hearts and we hoped so hard that she would manage to get by without cutting off her humanity . And yet, at the moment when she silenced her deepest feelings, she caused the flame to burst forth, which was going to burn her house in ashes. An unexpected moment that seriously upset the rest of the intrigues.
Katherine ages
When Elena managed to get the cure to Katherine, we thought that her survival instinct would allow her to be the most classical human of all time. Unfortunately, at the moment when this cure was sucked from his blood, the great and strong Katherine began to age at a hallucinatory speed . An impressive scene that marked the beginning of the end of the most arrogant plague of Mystic Falls. Who would think she would end up like that?
Jeremy deceives Bonnie with Anna already dead
In the corner of WTF stories, there is also this intriguing, at the very least, hallucinating. Remember, while Jeremy had finally won the heart of Bonnie, he discovered the power to speak to the dead. The opportunity for him to see his ex-girlfriend, Anna. There was no need for the younger Gilbert to crack again for the pretty brunette and kiss her ghost . Poor Bonnie!
Caroline gets tortured by her father
This scene was terribly sad so much the pretty blonde loved her father and wanted to make him proud. Unfortunately, the latter could not accept that his daughter was a vampire and therefore spent an entire episode torturing her violently despite her entreaties. Fortunately, Liz and Tyler found her before she succumbed to her wounds . One moment at a time WTF and horrible. While waiting for more info, discover the 16 best replicas of The Vampire Diaries on melty. Which moment shocked you the most in The Vampire Diaries?