The Vampire Diaries season 8: Episode 8, is Stefan the Ripper again? Our criticism

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Last night, the American channel The CW broadcast episode 8 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. Then discover our review of “We Have History Together”, the winter premiere.
This is it, the final chapter of The Vampire Diaries has launched since last episode 8 of season 8 aired on the CW marking the launch of the final stretch to the final series. “We Have History Together” , the title of the episode, evidently referring to the pilot of the series, when Elena tells Stefan she knows that Stefan is because they are all being history. Here, the title appropriates itself very well to the intrigues of the episode because on the one hand we have a true course of history with Sybil, but also because we go back to the beginning of the history of Mystic Falls and, Another side because we explore the story that repeats itself with Damon and Stefan. Let’s start with the plot about Sybil, Caroline and Matt. Caroline is sent to Mystic Falls High School for his work, but it will quickly realize that this has been engineered by Sybil who is looking for a bell . If Carolina does not help to find this mysterious bell, all students of the history class die – best teacher ever, right!
This plot is rather exciting to follow because it plunges us directly into the mythology of Mystic Falls and one gradually discovers that this one is related to the sirens and the Maxwell family. It turns out that this bell – as Dorian discovered at the Armory – was manufactured by a certain Harvey, ancestor of Peter Maxwell and therefore Matt. This bell is magical because Harvey had received the help of the witches to make . If someone were to possess Cade’s bell and fork, this could create a powerful enough noise to perhaps neutralize the sirens for good – even if that is only a hypothesis. In the end, Seline is ahead of her sister because she owns the bell, but fortunately Matt and her father manage to save the high school students in time for Sybil’s anger.
It is well known in The Vampire Diaries , when one of the brothers Salvatore begins to return the good side of the force, it means that the other is sinking to the dark side . Episode 8 begins with Stefan and Damon doing their work for Cade and we quickly notice that Stefan has taken over the management of operations. Damon seems to worry about the state of his brother, fearing that it would again become the Ripper – and he is right – but Stefan tells him he has everything under control. At the end of episode 7, we wondered if the collar of Elena was going to have an influence on the behavior of Damon and it turns out that yes, unfortunately we are not the only ones to have realized it . Finding that his brother is not as fun as usual, Stefan plays a little game with him, featuring Tara, a young girl who looks strangely like Elena.
In the end, Stefan confronts Damon about his behavior and the connection that this has with Elena’s necklace. If the dynamics between the two brothers is rather interesting, especially because the roles are finally reversed and we like Paul Wesley very badly, the plot of Tara took a little too much room for our taste. The end of the episode confirms that Damon had reason to worry for his brother because he finds Stefan in a bloodbath, it’s official: Stefan the Ripper is back! The final chapter of The Vampire Diaries is launched with a solid episode, in which we begin to see all the elements are interconnected. We hope it will continue that way for the rest, know that you can already find the promotional photos from episode 9 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries on melty. What did you think of this episode?