The Vampire Diaries season 8: Klaus, Kai, Katherine, top 5 of the best villains of the series

Cinema 3 April, 2017

Damon, Stefan, Elena and their friends have fought many villains in the 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Discover the top 5 of the best villains in the series!
The Vampire Diaries series is now over. The Salvatore and their friends bid farewell on March 10th. But if the series is finished, we are not ready to forget the mythical universe of the show that is currently found in season 4 of The Originals. In addition, a new spin-off of The Vampire Diaries around Caroline could soon see the light of day . This should make the fans of Julie Plec’s series very happy. One thing is certain, if it is difficult to draw a line on The Vampire Diaries it is because the show will have marked a whole generation. His heroes, his love stories or his various villains will remain for a long time in the annals because they marked the spirits in eight years of ” existence. The editor of melty offers you to return to the top 5 of the best villains of The Vampire Diaries !
5. Qetsiyah
If it only appeared in a few episodes, Qetsiyah left his imprint in The Vampire Diaries unlike other villains such as Markos or Atticus Shane. She was one of the most powerful witches of all time so right away, it throws it away! Determined, paranoid and a little crazy on the edges, discovering that Silas had betrayed her, she wanted to forever separated her fiancé and her rival Amara. Thus, it did not hesitate to dry up its enemy by imprisoning it and transforming it into Anchor during the creation of the Other Side. She then buried Silas living with the only dose of remedy against existing immortality to wear. It does not laugh! Not to mention that she did not hesitate to attack Elena when she arrived in Mystic Falls …
4. Silas
Stefan’s first look-alike was much worse than her ex-fiancée Qetsiyah . In particular, he made the witch believe that he was in love with her so that she could create a fate of immortality which he hastened to give to his true love, Amara. Not cool ! It is he who is at the origin of the cruelty of Qatsiyah. Nowadays, he was terrible because of his telepathic powers and his resemblance to Stefan, which he used to deceive the people of Mystic Falls. Arrogant and cruel, Silas killed Bonnie’s father in front of the witch, tried to strangle Katherine and force Damon to kill Stefan … In short, a real villain as they are loved!
3. Katherine
If there is one that has given the Salvatore a hard time, it is Katherine . Every time they thought they had defeated her for good, Elena’s doppleganger came back even stronger and thirsty for vengeance and blood. Even as a human, she was diabolical. So much so that she eventually became the Queen of Hell! Katherine, back in season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , was also a very good villain because she shared a strong emotional connection with the Salvatore. We loved to hate it from beginning to end!
2. Kai
Kai deserves the second place of the best villains because the sorcerer was a real psychopath who gave cold sweats to the viewers but especially to the characters of The Vampire Diaries . Kai, very justly interpreted by Chris Wood, was both terrible and fun. Moreover, his actions had consequences for several seasons. We will not forget it soon!
1. Klaus
Since the beginning of The Originals , we have discovered a completely different Klaus. It is even difficult to remember the hybrid as an anti-hero. Yet, when Klaus appeared in the second season of The Vampire Diaries , he was simply terrifying. Selfish, desperate to get his way, bloody but still dear to our hearts and close to Salvatore, Klaus is the best villain of the series and its presence in particular mark the best seasons of the vampire show. And according to you the meltynauts, who is the best villain of The Vampire Diaries?