The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Supergirl: The good resolutions of the characters of series!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

As the end of the year approaches, Melty’s editor wondered if our favorite series characters had decided to make good resolutions. Here is what they advise!
We are in 2017 soon! And yes the meltynauts, in a few hours we will celebrate a whole new year and while we are already busy formulating all our good resolutions, our favorite series characters would do well to tackle it as well some of them have to change Radically their behavior if they want to find a bit of happiness. In order to help them better off, Melty’s editorial decided to put them on the right track by advising them to focus on a good resolution that could change their lives .. Come on let’s go!
Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire), be a little more selfish!
And yes, although we are simply fans of Stefan Salvatore, we just have enough to see him pay the broken pots of his brother’s acts. So yes, Damon has changed since the beginning of the series but he spends his time plunging back into the darkness almost every time Stefan in his fall. Even as the young man at last lived perfect love with the beautiful Caroline, he was obliged to leave his beloved in order to find him and save him. Worse, in full marriage preparations, his compassion urged him to pass a pact with the devil. Stefan, out of pity, think a little about yourself and your own happiness in 2017!
Barry Allen (The Flash), you have to learn from your mistakes!
We are not going to lie, even if we love him madly, Barry is not very talented when it comes to learning from his experiences. After opening a black hole at the end of Season 1 wanting to save his mother and caused the arrival of Zoom and thus the death of his father, Barry started his nonsense back in time end season 2. If Flashpoint did not last long enough, its consequences now seem eternal, even as our hero seemed to have understood how his choice was selfish, his recent vision of the future of the beautiful Iris might just push him to play again with time. Breathe, it’ll be fine!
Oliver Queen (Arrow), stop guilting!
It has been five years since our green archer carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. In good torture, Oliver never ceases blaming himself or flogging himself for all the mistakes of the universe and not only for his own. It is time for him to enjoy 2017 to chill out and accept that he can not control everything and even less human nature. The wicked would harm the innocent with or without him. So stop worrying and frown, it spoils your pretty face;)
Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead), raises the head!
Okay, our Rick has gone through hardships lately but it’s time for him to assume his choices and raise his head. Yes, Negan is powerful but you too . You proved it by holding the reins of a group as heterogeneous as able to kill each other if he had not had a good leader to support him. Negan is cruel and terrifying but with your good will, your courage and especially your loved ones to give you confidence, you are capable of the worst as of the best then dash!
Kara Danvers (Supergirl), stop judging everyone!
Kara is the joy of living incarnate and the living desire to help all possible and unimaginable innocent but can sometimes be transformed into someone far more moralistic and selfish. Always very keen, you sometimes forget to take the time to think about the feelings of others as when you missed the pain of Alex when she saw you spending too much time alongside Superman. Take a deep breath and do not forget that you make mistakes too. We love you very very beautiful Supergirl!
Hanna (Pretty Little Liars), you have to calm your impulses!
If our Hanna has always been brave, she has become a real burnt head in the last season of Pretty Little Liars. Able to pretend to go on a trip to trap her by herself Noel Kahn, the pretty blonde has failed to judge by imagining that she could get away without causing the slightest collateral damage. We hope you’ve finally learned the lesson and you’re going to stop taking things in hand before he gets you something very serious to Freeform . What advice would you give your series heroes?