The Walking Dead, 13 Reasons Why, Gray’s Anatomy: The most crazy episodes of the season!

Cinema 20 June, 2017

It’s the 2017 World Cup, so it’s an opportunity to come back on the best episodes of the season.
You’ve been waiting for it for months and that’s it, the 2017 Series World Cup kicks off and it’s time to vote here to see all your favorite series getting closer to the final podium. While waiting to have the first results, we offer you a short return on some of the best episodes of this television season 2016-17 . Obviously we can not quote them all, so do not hesitate to fill in the list and tell us what you think are the most deserving series.
Agents of SHIELD – 4×15 “Self Control”
This fourth season of Agents of SHIELD proved to be a success from start to finish , with three fascinating arcs worn by agents always on top. But we must admit that the episode that won the palm is for us the 4×15 which closes the second part “LMD” and lays the foundations of the third: Agents of Hydra . Suspicions, clones and touching reunion, everything is there to show us the best of Agents of SHIELD.
The Walking Dead – 7×01 “The Day Will Come When You Will not Be”
Despite a season not constant, The Walking Dead has offered us very good episodes this year, including the premiere season. Obviously the shock was total after the death of Abraham then Glenn, but it is not only because of this that the episode has marked us . Not only did the season premiere of Season 7 feature a Negan as cruel and charismatic as expected, but it also revealed a side of Rick totally unknown up to now. From the performance of Andrew Lincoln to the grief of Maggie, many things make this episode a success.
Gray’s Anatomy – 13×24 “Rings of Fire”
The season of Gray’s Anatomy 13 proved a bit soft but it is in its last episodes the writers awoke. Rather than killing Stephanie whose actress was cast for another series, it was a heroic outing that was written to her, and what a release. An awesome fire, courage to resell and amazing wisdom, this has allowed Stephanie Edwards to leave the series worthily while offering us a final season memorable.
Big Little Lies – 1×07 “You Get What You Need”
Jean-Marc Vallée’s miniseries based on Liane Moriarty’s book was acclaimed, not only because of its 5-star cast. After an intensity that climbed crescendo throughout the season, the series ended on a magisterial final season that paid tribute to all her heroines . Brutality, passion and denouement have blended to offer us without a doubt one of the best episodes of 2017.
13 Reasons Why – 1×11 “Tape 6, Side A”
Certainly the 13 episodes of the series were heartbreaking, but it was probably episode 11 that was among the most anticipated and most feared at the same time. Clay’s cassette finally let us know that Hannah did not blame her, but the revelations that accompanied the episode were more than hard to digest . In short, an intense condensation of violence mingled with a touch of relief that earned him his place among the best episodes of 2016-17.
Orange is the New Black – 5×13 “Storm-y Weather”
Last episode of a successful season, “Storm-y Weather” showed us the offensive on Lichtfield to continue to highlight the violence of the forces even against peaceful detainees. After three days of revolt, the semi-freedom of all the prisoners ended in a brutal assault that resulted in a cliffhanger . The image of Piper, Alex, Tayster, Red, Gloria and the others in the pool, holding hands with the music of Cinematic Orchestra in the background was enough to make it one of the best episodes of the season. And you, what episodes have you marked this year?