The Walking Dead, 13 Reasons Why, Orange is the New Black: Actors who gave it all this season

Cinema 22 June, 2017

This year again the stars of our favorite series have burst the screen. Small return on the best performances of the season.
The clash between all your favorite series in the 2017 World Cup continues and you can go vote every day HERE to show all your love. While waiting to have the first results, we propose to you to return on the best performances of actors and actresses of this season . Yeah, a series would be nothing without its casting and we sometimes have the opportunity to see scenes as intense as impressive that unveil the full potential of the actors and actresses who play them.
Andrew Lincoln – Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead
The talent of Andrew Lincoln was already known, but it is a whole new facet of Rick Grimes that he unveiled in the first episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead . Hard not to be impressed by this performance that showed us a completely broken Rick faced with the cruelty of Negan . Without necessarily speaking, Andrew Lincoln transmitted through his eyes the total destruction of his character and for that it deserves to be on our list.
Kate Walsh – Olivia Baker in 13 Reasons Why
The Netflix series produced by Selena Gomez would not have been what it is without a talented cast that is not only composed of teenagers in distress. Kate Walsh, who plays the mother of Hannah Baker, has slipped into the skin of a desperate mother in the face of her daughter’s suicide . Touching, strong and moving at the same time, the actress that many have known in Gray’s Anatomy and Private Practice has once again shown her talent.
Danielle Brooks – Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson in Orange is the New Black
In a season 5 very politically engaged, Danielle Brooks shone in all the episodes under the guise of Taystee. Immediately after the death of his best friend Poussey Washington, Taystee symbolized to perfection the powerlessness and frustration of a population too often and too unjustly targeted by law enforcement in the United States . A touching and powerful performance that paid tribute to a character we still lack.
Adelaide Kane – Mary Stuart in Reign
After four seasons of history and drama, Mary Stuart’s adventures ended recently on the CW with episode 16 of Reign’s Season 4 . So we take the opportunity to highlight the always just performance of Adelaide Kane, who has been able to bring life with strength and thanks to this historical figure on which fate has fought . Vulnerable, stubborn, strategic and intelligent, so many facets of a queen that Adelaide Kane knew how to incarnate with talent.
Brit Marling – Prairie Johnson in The OA
As mysterious as it is intrusive, The OA landed on Netflix as a UFO and seduced thousands of viewers. It must be said that once again, Brit Marling lived up to her role to plunge us directly into the atmosphere of the series under the guise of her heroine, Prairie Johnson . Attacking, sometimes a bit frightening but always talented, that’s what we look forward to seeing season 2 …
Travis Fimmel – Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings
Another actor who has made his bow and we will miss much on the small screen in the guise of the valiant Ragnar: Travis Fimmel. In Vikings, the actor has done justice to this legendary historical figure that marked Scandinavian history . Brave, strong and charming at the same time, Travis Fimmel has seduced the public with his eyes of ice and his charisma and we already know that he will cruelly miss the series in the sequel.
That concludes our little tour of some of the best performances of the season. Although their series are not competing in the 2017 World Cup, Chyler Leigh in Supergirl, Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies and Elizabeth Moss in The Handmaid’s Tale are still mentioned. And what performances did you score this season?