The Walking Dead: 4 characters that may not survive until season 8!

Cinema 29 January, 2017

While waiting for the sequel of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we continue the prognostications on the characters who may not arrive until season 8.
February 12 is soon there and there is only a few days to wait before finally finding Rick, Daryl and the whole group. To make time pass a bit faster and after that we will be asked if Alpha is present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , continues on the questions later, but on the characters we see are just may Not be. As usual, these predictions are based on speculation and it will obviously have to wait for the broadcast of the series to have answers. The first one that could be missing from season 8 is Carl (Chandler Riggs). Between the fact that his contract for The Walking Dead is completed by the shooting of season 7 and the imminent entry of the young actor at university, difficult to say whether Carl will continue the adventure. Moreover killing Carl would be a shock turning for the series that would surprise all his fans, or would open many possibilities for the character of Rick. Carol is the second sentence. Although we adore this character, the similarities between that of the series and its paper alter-ego before it commits suicide begin to multiply.
To this is added the fact that the plot of Carol (Melissa McBride) is very complete, of battered woman to total badass, and that it would thus not be impossible that it is in season 7 that its course stops . Then comes Sasha (Sonequa Martin) whose possible tragic fate has been discussed several times . Indeed not only his plot begins to have some resemblances to that of Holly of the comics which does not finish very well, but the actress Sonequa Martin-Green has also been cast for a main role in a reboot of Star Trek. It could be that his schedule is too complicated to manage and Sasha soon tell us goodbye … Finally it is Dwight (Austin Amelio) that closes our list despite its important role in the comic Robert Kirkman. Indeed it is already known that a war is being prepared between the Savior and Alexandria, and one can therefore expect the dead. To kill Dwight would make it possible to mark the blow with the death of a personage that is known since it is known that Negan will survive, and again to surprise the readers. In addition, we learned a lot about Dwight and his past, and we know what happens often to characters whose past is explored … In short, to say that there is matter to speculate and waiting to know Moreover, we wondered how long it would survive in case of Apocalypse version of the Walking Dead in real life. And what are your predictions?