The Walking Dead: 5 lessons she can learn from Fear The Walking Dead

Cinema 24 June, 2017

A few months before the release of season 8 of The Walking Dead, back on the teachings she could draw from her prequel Fear The Walking Dead.
While it was announced to you recently that another main character was going to be absent of the first episodes of season 8 of The Walking Dead , today it is intrigues of the series that we will speak. Indeed it has been a few years since the prequel of the series to the very recognizable title Fear The Walking Dead is also broadcast on AMC. If the first seasons have not been entirely convincing, we must admit that season 3 starts well and has so far avoided many traps in which his older sister fell, especially in terms of episode focused on a single character . What kind of teachings could the Walking Dead get out of the spin-off?
The importance of new characters
The base group of The Walking Dead has often been expanded with new characters, which are usually introduced as cannon fodder more than as potential heroes. Most Woodbury survivors were used to die during the prison epidemic, many of the Alexandrians who were killed by the Wolves or Saviors had not really aroused our interest … The Walking Dead takes the time to Develop very few characters on the dozens of new faces that are seen arriving regularly, which makes their dead little or even very predictable . Fear The Walking Dead spreads a little more about his characters and because of the “normality” of the Clark family and the many dialogues,
The plot yes, but the characters also
The Walking Dead, based on comics, sometimes makes his characters act strangely to stick to the plots to come. Why did not Rick, who repeats that they all form a family, go and get Andrea after their flight from the farm? Why did not Carol share her worries more during the prison epidemic? Because the progress of the series sometimes requires behavior that does not correspond to the character of the characters. In Fear The Walking Dead, the characters sometimes act stupidly but in accordance with their personality. Writing seems more organic and the plot does not guide everything.
Learn rhythm
Fans know it, The Walking Dead tends to drag along some intrigues to better stick to its schedule. Season 7 proved to be transitory to begin the real war against Negan in the 100th episode of the series and score the blow. Moreover, the great actions always seem to take place in the episodes 1,8,9 and 16 with, in the meantime, sometimes a bit of trouble . Fear The Walking Dead has not yet made the same mistake with certainly a rhythm sometimes inconstant but at least has the merit of being unpredictable.
Risk taking
Obviously, difficult to innovate when one must follow the outline of a comic read by millions of readers. But what makes the Walking Dead strength is also its weakness since we unfortunately still find the same stories so far. The group finds a refuge, then gets attacked, finds itself on the road, finds refuge etc. By remaining confined to the vicinity of Atlanta and then Washington, the series leaves little room for novelty . Fear The Walking Dead offered us a season that was almost entirely on a boat, an episode in Spanish to stick to the culture of his characters … in short, what make us travel a little.
The dialogues
The more the seasons pass, the more the dialogues of The Walking Dead lean towards the utility rather than the expression. The characters speak to inform themselves or to motivate themselves through discourses so familiar that one could foresee the words. Rick, we know you’re a family, you ‘re screwing with the wrong people , you’re gonna kill Negan … We do not deny the impact of these pretty speeches, especially at the end of season 7. But Fear The Walking Dead makes his characters speak like real people, who sometimes say things that are useless or have nothing to do with the zombie apocalypse . There is no such thing as identification and therefore attachment to them.
All that being said, we know that it is easy to find faults and we still remain big fans of The Walking Dead. The adaptation of comics is a complex exercise that the screenwriters have still succeeded so far and we are eager to see the continuation. Waiting until this fall, our critic of the last episode of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead is still available on melty. What do you think ?