The Walking Dead: 5 times where the series did not do like in the comics … and so much the better!

Cinema 4 February, 2017

Meanwhile the Season 7 season of The Walking Dead, back on those times when the series moved away from the original comics to do even better.
There are only a few days to wait before the return of Rick and then we hoped it would be finally happy in the rest of the season 7 of The Walking Dead , it now offers a little background. The series is based on the comics of Robert Kirkman and it is this story that the writers to write the following episodes, but sometimes they move away from the original source and do even better . Do not hesitate, if you are familiar with both media, also share the differences between the two that you enjoyed.
More Shane
In the comics, the death of Shane Walsh is rather fast and Carl kills him to protect his father before they even arrive at the farm of Hershel. Suffice to say that the series has opted to stay a little longer for the former cop and that is not displeasing to us as the tension between Rick and Shane proved to be a key part of Season 2 , not to mention Of the night of Shane’s death, apotheosis of a dramatic situation to the possible. Shane’s presence as an anti hero has allowed Rick to assert himself and harden to become the leader he is today.
The tragedies of the Grimes
As many know, in the comics The Walking Dead are sometimes much harder than the series, and this is particularly the case for the history of Grimes. In the comic strip, Lori gets killed in prison soon after giving birth to Judith. When she gets shot by a soldier of the Governor, it falls on Judith and kills by crushing . Suffice to say that as tragic as it was, Lori’s death in the series remains a little less trash. Moreover to see Carl killing his own mother also allowed his character to evolve and to harden suddenly.
Carol the badass
Speculation about Carol and her fate in the series have already made much talk. In the comics, Carol can not regain a foothold and commits suicide by letting eaten by a zombie then refusing the help of his friends to save . In the series, Carol became an incredible warrior who mastered the art of survival. His small empty passage in season 6 asked some questions about his mental state and the possibilities for his plot to join that of the comics. But she seems to get back on foot at the Kingdom and hopes to see her still fit in several seasons.
The plot of Terminus does not exist in the comics and was therefore only written for the series although it is inspired by that of the Hunters. This addition has given us a treasure hunt on track and an incredible explosion thanks to Carol that we are not soon forget , so it was still a good thing here to get away from comics. Having a common destination allowed the group to meet up after the prison and offered us interesting subgroups with characters who are less used to interacting.
Abraham’s Respite
Rather than die in Season 6 of an arrow in the eye, Abraham spent his lap and let this death surprised to Denise . This not only surprised the fans – including readers – even though the death of Denise was to be expected given the development of her character. But it also offered us a raw season even more bloody than expected with the deaths of Glenn AND Abraham. In short, to say that those who did not have spoiler had to be well surprised! Meanwhile whether this will happen again in the sequel, we listed for you the 5 most touching moments of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?