The Walking Dead : AMC orders a season 10 that can change everything for Michonne and Daryl

Cinema 6 February, 2019






In spite of the first part of season 9 that bordered on the tragic, Walking Dead will be entitled to a season 10. But one of its stars could be on the start.

This is the Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the flagship series of the AMC would be entitled to a tenth season. And despite his sinking artistic dramatic, the decline of its hearings, and the end of the world approaching, The Walking Dead remains one of the heads of the gondolas of the chain AMC, which envisages not logically be rid of it.


An image of the past ?


On the other hand, beyond this announcement, the american media would have also been able to consult some of his anonymous sources, that would have made him part of change, possibly important in-house. The one that the production documents to be regarded as the main role is none other than Norman Reedus, so it could again find themselves on the front of the stage, after a few years of grumbling in the beard that he has not, by typing zombies.

Melissa McBride (Carol) would be logically the second role is the most important, but what is surprising and could significantly change The Walking Dead, this is the fate of Danai Gurira. The interpreter of Michonne, who comes from hit in the world, thanks to Black Panther, not quite the shoulders of a second role written with a sickle soaked in palm oil.


“It is we that we are the leaders !”


Therefore, it would not have still not reached agreement with the production. However, this lack of agreement means is that it is still being discussed (to get more money or availability), or that she prepares the release of his character, and the manner of Lauren Cohan a few months ago.

After the departures precipitated by Andrew Lincoln – who will reappear in a possible future tv-movies -, Chandler Riggs and Lauren Cohan, the series may be a little difficult to find a point of balance.

Will still-that she manages to narrate correctly the first interactions with the Whisperers, which will be at the center of the plot in the second half of the season 9, which aired from February 11, in our latitudes by OCS.


The true question mark of the season 10