The Walking Dead : Andrew Lincoln regret the death of an important character

Cinema 7 November, 2018






In life, we all have at one point of our journey at least a complicated story. A that are known to be ordered by time but that one won’t finish because it brings us things that are poorly defined. For us, it is The Walking Dead.

And each Monday, it was a ball of anxiety. It is said that this time, this will be good, we going to tell him goodbye, we will leave it in its misery without turning around, but no, we return again and again. We will not go as far as to speak of emotional dependency, but not far. Nevertheless, there is much talk of The Walking Dead in this time and this is quite normal sinceit comes from there, something super important.

Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, alias the hero of the series, is gone Sunday night. Not necessarily as we would have liked, but at least, for once, the show took a risk. Measured this said, since we already know that the actor will resume his role in three tv movies currently in development at AMC. And since he is gone, he is everywhere, ensuring the job and the transition, reminding us of the best moments of the series and are confident finally about his feelings concerning some of the passages.


Glenn before.


As the deaths of Glenn and Abraham, for example, at the beginning of season 7, which had been a real event. Ah yes, it was a little crazy at the time, when it was still unaware of the identity of victims of Lucille, thatAMC was making up the sauce , and that everyone has regained the same evening to see who was right and who was going to spend.

A moment which has shocked a lot of people because,well, it was super gorasse anyway, and who had even been reproached to the chain afterwards. And Andrew Lincoln is rather agreed with the backlash of the time, because, as it comes from the hands of the microphone in the New York Times, he too thought that they had gone too far :

“I regret the way it happened. Hitherto we had been able to terrify people for 100 years without showing an eye poked out. When that happens, it weakens what we are trying to do, which for me is a family drama located in hell. It is not in a B-series ultra gore.”


Glenn during.


So to all those who wondered why The Walking Dead was disappointing since the departure of Frank Darabont, or why it was very light for a series of zombies, you finally have the explanation. And history to go to the bottom, Lincoln admits also that things could have been done in a very different manner, more correct.

“I don discredits not the scene. This is part of the chills provided by the series. But when we are dealing with the loss of someone – especially in a death very sudden caused by a human – I think it’s just a matter of taste. According to me, it would have been much more disturbing that the camera stays on Maggie. And perhaps it is this kind of things that I want to put in scene, because I want to do what I have done in my head.”

Like Lincoln, is also scheduled to do future episodes, so we can say that the big moments, the bloody Walking Dead may be behind us.


Glenn after.

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