The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story: These episodes we would have preferred never look

Cinema 29 November, 2016

Even our favorite shows sometimes make missteps between episodes too slow, too shocking or downright useless, small return on the worst of the small screen. Warning, spoilers!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-game-of-thronesWe love them, we love them, but sometimes our favorite series skid with a bit boring episodes desire, intrigue fetched or scenes that would never see outright favorite. For some this is that an episode from time to time so we did with, for others it is just the overall concept should be reviewed (yes Pretty little Liars is you we’re talking about) . While the season 7 of The Walking Dead – whose first season has shocked the faint hearted and the other – in full swing, we therefore propose a small return on these episodes that would perhaps not have existed or at if we would have preferred never to see!
Grey’s Anatomy and its false note
With “Song Beneath the Song” (7×18), Grey’s Anatomy has yielded to a classic series: the musical episode . The problem with that is that it can be a great success that makes a nice interlude, but it can also quickly become the biggest WTF of a series … and it’s a bit what happened in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital …
The final series of Gossip Girl , is a typical example of the plot slightly dodgy and a resolution that is even more so with the “revelation” of Dan and his secret identity. Yet we loved Dan, Chuck, Serena, Blair, Nate, their money, their clothes, their stories of heart … but hey, a final series like that, no thank you .
How I Met Your (Step) Mother in the driver
Kids, this is the story of a neat concept that should have stopped earlier and above better than that . Speaking of disappointing and moldy final series, How I Met Your Mother also has some lessons to teach by killing the character was expected to experience since the very first episode, handing Ted Robin (surprise! … Or not) and separating Robin and Barney.
The Walking Dead, still more gore
The grimey scenes, this is not what is missing in The Walking Dead . But the season premiere of season 7 has overstepped the boundaries with the death of Glenn and as you say it is a moment that we would have liked to have never seen. Between Ewww and OMG , if we could have a small lobotomy soon-made to forget the eye of Glenn almost out of his skull we would not say no .
Hop, nothing like to present a character of the show, he and his deformed hands, trying to “give pleasure” to a young woman from the outset in the driver. The formula AHS is zero zero hassles blah, we enter the heart of the matter and continue with ever cheloues scenes each other … in short, it was blah joined this first episode Freak Show.
Dragons, distant lands, manipulations and dialogues at top: Game of Thrones is a hit and we’re as eager as you to discover the season 7. But as often happens, the first episode of season 6 has (too) took his time to show us where were all the characters and it gave a boring episode at will. Add to that the fact that it was not until episode 2 to see Jon open his eyes and gives a first season undignified way series .
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average start to the season 6 of GoT …
Pretty Little Liars: annoying much?
In line with Gossip Girl or How I Met Your Mother, PLL is used and exploited on a good track to exhaustion, so much in fact that it ended up digging its own grave . Some plots are made for short series and clearly, Pretty Little Liars were few. But hard hard to stop when the success is the appointment and a result is even announced after the season 7 of PLL ! So it’s not really an episode we would have liked never see is almost every season after season 2 and the revelation of the first A.
That closing our round-up of television disappointments … After all it’s a bit inevitable when looking at both sets but somehow we do not hide it, our favorite series can be boring episodes to die , characters who sometimes want to slap or unnecessary intrigues, it will not prevent us to love them (and watch)! and you, what episodes which series would you like never to see?