The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, The Flash: Top 8 dead we should have seen it coming!

Cinema 22 November, 2016

While the dead seem to succeed in the small world of television series, there are some who have deeply shocked us when we could clearly had to doubt it. Let the point!

coupe-du-monde-des-series-2016-cms-game-ofLife is hard for our television heroes! And yes meltynautes regardless of the channel, none of our favorite characters is immune. Overnight, we can find ourselves in an incredible state of trance following the death of one or the one that made us vibrate for years. Yet, on closer look, we would have largely been able to identify indications of his impending death . Because in addition to being heartless and ruthless, some writers are also cruel and manipulative and distill few well-placed phrases that we should have put a flea in the ear. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our top 10 characters that could become our best friend , back on these tragic deaths and detestable but we could see it coming! Let’s start with Oberyn Martell. Prince of Dorne, he fought a duel with La Montagne to save Tyrion life and take revenge of his own before blowing themselves up and fail. But if his death is visually one of the most challenging, it is fine to admit that it was quite predictable. So Oberyn has overestimated his strength and felt almost invincible against La Montagne. And we all know, it is better not to be too confident in Game of Thrones so it’s no surprise that agile warrior of Tyrion eventually lose. Change of scenery to plunge us into the DC Comics universe.
At the end of the first season of The Flash, we have sadly lost Eddie. A policeman loyal, loyal, brave and downright heroic. In deciding to sacrifice himself to destroy the antagonist of the first season, the beautiful blond bluntly broke our heart. But being objective, we would have guessed that such events could happen as Reverse Flash was a distant descendant of Eddie. A link that could not make him a future without cloud. At Star City is the beautiful Laurel Lance that we lost. Damien Darhk murdered by his death made a lot of noise among the most inveterate fans of comics . However, and from a purely structural point of view, we must admit that we should have to doubt when production revealed a strong character would soon lose his life. Indeed, underdeveloped and often less emphasized than the other, the character of Laurel seemed almost threadbare. No goal was really known him personally and no longer existed for several seasons.
In Once Upon A Time, fans have had to resolve to say goodbye to Robin Hood. A huge disappointment when we know deep and sincere love between him and Regina. However, it must be said that the character seems somewhat misused lately. Little present in the main intrigues, he was often overshadowed and no longer appears as an indispensable hero Storybrooke. So yes, we would obviously want to see him stay but we might be able to prepare us psychologically. Let us go now to an even more remote area in directing us to The Walking Dead and the terrible death of Abraham occurred in the Season Premiere. If we were deeply shocked by the violence of the scene, hard to say that we were surprised. In fact, Abraham should have died a few episodes earlier instead of Denise. Thus, the arrow that had been intended for the young doctor had returned to Abraham in the comics . So we might have doubted that it was a matter of time.
Back on the CW with the tragic death of Henry Allen who all broke our heart. After losing his mother, that our hero had to live without his father. However, with very suspicious roundtrips Henry and his decision to work with his son against meta humans, this was too good to be true and we should have doubted us that such a tragedy could happen. Especially as Zoom was really evil! In Seattle, this is the must Derek Shepherd who was ousted! A horrible decision that dramatic for those who had attached themselves to him and his relationship with Meredith over the seasons. Nothing to think about it, we have a tear in his eye but I must admit that the last episodes were very tense and that their relationship was on the rocks seriously. And when we heard the song “Smile, The Worst is Yet to Come “, the signs were all gathered to tell us that a tragedy prepare . Finally, we will end with the death of Glenn in The Walking Dead. A scar that is not ready to close but that was very predictable storyline since this was already present in the comics. So much for our top! Pending more information, discover all the promotional photos of the crossover Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and melty on Supergirl. What death did you see this coming?