The Walking Dead: Negan feat Ed Sheeran, the hilarious and unexpected mashup!

Cinema 14 April, 2017

Fans of The Walking Dead, we have a little gift for you! When Negan’s cult replicas meet the hit song of the moment, “Shape Of You”, it gives something rather brilliant …
Season 7 of The Walking Dead, it’s over ! But fans of the AMC show are not let down and take advantage of this new free time to develop theories on the sequel, re-master the 7 seasons of the series or propose us parodies, mashups or other totally delusional GIFs inspired by the Episodes this year. One thing is certain, without Negan and his cultist replicas season 7 of The Walking Dead would have been very painful to bear . Well this has apparently given some ideas to some … We leave you to taste this mashup of Negan and “Shape Of You” . It’s worth the detour !
“Stupid little prick named Rick …” , you also have it in your head? We almost come to prefer this version to the original ( No offense Ed! ) And we say that the magic of the Internet has not finished making us delirious. Perfect to wait before the return of season 8 of The Walking Dead , right? Especially with the war between the Saviors and our survivors, there is no doubt that Negan, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will be even more fit when we meet him next October … What to prepare the new tube of the ” Summer 2018!