The Walking Dead: Rick in very serious danger in the continuation of the series?

Cinema 19 January, 2017

A few weeks before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, would Rick’s hour finally sound? Attention to the important spoilers on the comics published in the United States and therefore on the series.
Watch out for spoilers! First of all, a little warning since the rest of the article will be based on the comics of The Walking Dead published in the United States. Those who follow the comic book in French and / or who want to know nothing about the result so stop reading here because big intrigues and their resolution will be discussed . We continue to wait with you following the adventures of Rick and then we wondered there is little how long we would survive in case of Zombie Apocalypse in real life how The Walking Dead is precisely the Survival of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) that we’re going to talk about now. Obviously it will be above all speculation about the future of the former sheriff based on US comics and we still do not pretend to know what will happen neither in comics nor in Series. But some clues have revived the theories. To begin with, Robert Kikrman has already confessed that Rick was going to die one day, certainly like everyone else.
But is it possible that this day will soon arrive in the comic strip? The cover of No. 163 shows Rick’s missing hand stretching towards the sky in the middle of those of the walkers and although the covers are known to deceive the fans, this time it might be true. The first clue statement by the site Comicbook simply just because the plot in the next issue, Rick and the group will face the greatest horde of zombies ever seen in The Walking Dead . Alexandria victory against the Whisperers will therefore not out of the woods and the threat is more important than they’ve ever faced before . Since he was already ready to beat Negan, it is possible that Rick decides to sacrifice himself to give his friends and family a chance to escape.
The second indication that Rick could soon be replaced is the alternative coverage for the No. 163 that you can see above. She shows him dressed as Negan, leather jacket on the back and handmade. In comics Negan has changed a lot and even if we imagine that the community would turn to Andrea if Rick died, it is not impossible that Negan is the one who takes things in hand to help them survive and prepare themselves against the Saviors Now governed by Sherry. In any case this should arouse the curiosity of readers but sellers are ready as the No. 163 BD is the most controlled with far more than 730 000 copies available, third clue that something serious could occur there . In short, a mystery that will have an answer from the publication on March 1, and waiting until then, know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and many more The Walking Dead players will be present in London on 4 and 5 March 2017 A new edition of the Walker Stalker Con! What do you think ?