The Walking Dead Season 7: Daryl completely destroyed, its plot she will join that of Carol comics?

Cinema 5 November, 2016

the-walking-dead-saison-7-amc-twd-carol-intrigueA few hours of a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead, back on the destiny of Daryl and what to expect in future episodes. Beware of spoilers!

Let it be said, Daryl will be in the hole and completely transformed by the death of Glenn in season 7 of The Walking Dead by Norman Reedus . This obviously leads us to wonder what awaits the biker in the rest of the season and even the series if Negan survival and to stay at the Sanctuary. Indeed Norman Reedus held enough worrying about stressing that Daryl would never forgive himself the death of his friend, but above all he had lost the desire to fight and survive. He believes he deserves lives, regardless of how Saviors – particularly Dwight – will treat and so do try not likely to escape or struggling . We know that Daryl is a rather dark character from the beginning of the series, yet he managed to get to his companions smile reasons and his attachment to his adopted family is undeniable. Whether Beth, Carol, Judith or Rick, Daryl drew in them the strength to get up after each blow, but it does happen this time?

For it is not only an external attack of walkers, but a murder which could have been avoided. Since it has been held hostage by Negan, Daryl will have to be constantly confronted the killer Glenn that is sure probably not to remind him that his friend died because of her. So we fear he indulges his prisoner status and it actually stops fighting to survive, especially as he certainly feared the reunion with Rick, Maggie and the rest of the group because of his guilt . Would it therefore possible that Daryl was left to die in season 7 of The Walking Dead because he can not bear to be the cause of the death of Glenn? Indeed heartbreaking, this theory could be supported by the fact that another character leaves bitten by walkers and so die in comic Robert Kirkman.

As some of you know, Carol comics does not follow the same path as that of the series and has been dead for a while already having lost all motivation to survive. Since Carol small screen seems convalescing and the beginning of a new plot with Ezekiel, is it possible that the writers have exchanged his destiny against that of Daryl later in The Walking Dead ? Is obviously not hope and we hope with all my heart to see Daryl recover stronger from this ordeal, but it is a possibility to consider given the many psychological shock experienced by the characters and the personality of Daryl who presented several times a trend depression. Anyway we’ll see tomorrow night how he arrived at the Shrine happening and waiting until then discover Dwight threatening Daryl in an excerpt from episode 3 of 7 The Walking Dead season on melty. And you, What do you think ?