The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 15, Maggie in Danger in a First Excerpt!

Cinema 20 March, 2017

What will happen in episode 15 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead? Beginning of answer in a first excerpt of “Something They Need”.
It’s crazy how time flies. We have limited the impression that we were complaining about the cliffhanger of season 6 a few weeks ago, not you? And yet, there are only two episodes left before the end of season 7 of The Walking Dead! Last night, AMC was broadcasting episode 14 and at the same time gave its acclaim to the series. It is true that it will take some time for it to move at last this year! But that’s it, things are finally starting and accelerating for our heroes. In “The Other Side” , while Sasha and Rosita put their plan against Negan to execution, the Saviors sowed once more the terror at the Hilltop. The opportunity for Gregory to confirm that it is only ” A decay and one must be wary of him ! In fact, we find him, in front of Maggie, in a first excerpt of the episode of next Sunday …
After their past confusion, Gregory seems finally ready to put his differences with Maggie aside . Will the Hilltop leaders be able to work together? You too seems too good to be true? Well you are right! For if AMC has given us only a small glimpse of this scene, in the video promotion of episode 15 of season 7 of The Walking Dead one can see that Gregory has an idea behind the head, or rather a knife behind the back. Is Maggie going to be fooled? Could she be part of the dead of this end of season 7? We rather lean towards the “no” … and you?