The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4, she will die Rosita instead of spoiler?

Cinema 13 November, 2016

While episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead will air tonight, if you wonder would not surprise us on the possible victim could lose his life. Attention SPOILERS.
There are only a few hours before the broadcast of “Service”, episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, which airs tonight on AMC and a few hours later on OCS. To help you wait, we return to the words of Christian Serratos in an interview with Comicbook and what it inspired us. The young woman has indeed talked about the death of Rosita in the comics and in the series, beware of spoilers on US comics in what follows. In the interview, Christian Serratos explained that there was no cares for her that the writers exchange dead to serve the plot of the characters, as was the case for the deaths of Abraham and Denise . “I think all the characters have amazing people and we feel necessarily a possessive instinct to our character and therefore his death, we do not want others to have it. But sometimes it creates even more intense scenes like that of Abraham that Denise has recovered to give us a death more incredible for Abraham ” .
Christian Serratos, this shows the talent of Scott Gimple remaining faithful to comics while surprising the fans. It also made him confident for the death of his character. “I know that my death will have been well thought out and it will be exactly the one made for me” . As a reminder in the comics – SPOILERS – Rosita dies well after the war against Negan, when she and a handful of other characters are killed by Whisperers. Could it be that the writers of The Walking Dead make us a little surprise Rosita and kill tonight as some fans expect the death of Spencer Monroe? Indeed it happens that the characters that appear on the promo pictures of the episode will then be killed in the series so it put us chip ear since Spencer and Rosita are both present, but that’s not all. Interviews with Christian Serratos who seem fairly numerous in recent times despite the status of his character in the series, and the fact that she just talked exchange deaths that sometimes allow to surprise the fans or the person who was to die for having a more substantial role later in the series before we die a little worried.
After all we know that Negan will land in episode 4 in Alexandria and Rosita could have a violent reaction to the death of Abraham – Christian Serratos has also said that Rosita would have liked to say to him before he died in season 7 of the Walking Dead – and try to attack the leader of the Saviors. This would allow fans who read the comic to be surprised after all the character and Spencer to be a little developed as an obstacle to Rick in the next few episodes before possibly also to die as suggested by some spoilers that emerged this summer and since some think that the death of Spencer will take place only in the final mid-season. as usual, this remains speculation and all of these could simply be elements independent of each other but we must admit the writers of the Walking Dead and surprises made us suspicious … Patience, there remain only a few hours to wait before knowing what will happen to Rosita in “Service”. and you think that Involved?