The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4, what will happen?

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Several days before the broadcast of a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead, small return on what awaits us in “Service”. Beware of spoilers!

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-4-spoilersWe’ll have to wait a bit before knowing what the following reservation to Rick and the others and after we asked if Negan would eventually kill Daryl in season 7 of The Walking Dead , we continue to be interested in the following of the season and especially in episode 4 titled “Service”. As usual, it is here that speculations based on what we already know of the episode that is the promo video you can see below and the extracts and the episode synopsis . According to the synopsis in question revealed some time ago by AMC , the surviving members of the group are trying somehow to get back to Alexandria. Their grief is however cut short by visiting Negan still may threaten the and remind them of the painful tragedy a few days earlier . Yet the visit of the big bad in Alexandria could be the catalyst rather interesting events in the future.

Indeed the last two episodes were relatively quiet and allowed us to discover the Kingdom of Ezekiel and the Sanctuary saviors while learning a bit what happened to Carol, Morgan and Daryl. But we all look forward to a one thing: the return to Alexandria to see the benefits of Abraham dead and Glenn on the whole group and especially on the morale of Rick, Maggie and others . If Rick has learned the lesson of Negan and accepts, as shown in the trailer, to cede its leading position in the Savior, other characters seem more reluctant. This is the case of Michonne from what we showed first single since it is impossible to think that when a sniper out of the chimney, it is not intended to Negan. The young woman seems particularly determined and we imagine to try to take revenge in the most direct way: by putting a bullet in the head Negan. Even without having seen the episode yet we doubt it would fail to kill him and we already feared reprisals …

Another excerpt of the episode shows Rosita and Spencer going on mission before being stopped by the arrival of net Negan in Alexandria. They seem likely better to accept the reign of Negan puisqu’Eugene is already repairing a radio to give an offering in exchange for their relative safety. Episode 4 should therefore focus on the different reactions of the survivors among those who prefer to undergo Negan to avoid another tragedy – including Rick – and those who still want to fight . One imagines that the group of “rebels” will be led by Maggie and Michonne will be part also. The question is whether we Negan propose a new massacre in this episode and thus ensure the fidelity of Alexandria or any new plans to kill will soon surface. One thing is certain, with the arrival of Negan things could move and was already looking forward to that. Meanwhile Sunday Austin Amelio was speaking about the possible betrayal of Dwight in season 7 of The Walking Dead! And you, what are you waiting for episode 4?