The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 6, what will happen?

Cinema 22 November, 2016

A few more days to wait before the release of “Swear” and one wonders what might happen in the next episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-video-promo-episodeAfter you have proposed to see Tara in great danger in an excerpt from episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we look a little we know of the episode and therefore what awaits us in “Swear.” The promo video you can see below gives us an overview of the result but it is mostly Tara images of interest since it is around her and Heath that the episode should turn. After leaving seek resources outside of Alexandria and have been absent for a while, we’ll finally find them and they will probably not alone . Both extracts released by AMC and the episode’s synopsis suggests that “Swear” should introduce a new community: that of Oceanside. Tara is also shown in a sample in the sea, and found by two members of this community.
According to what’s seen in the excerpt of the episode, the survivors are not really frightened by the walkers since even a little girl almost takes pleasure in planting their spear in the head. But the finish another group is always synonymous with danger and we assume that we will learn to discover this community, whether it’s allies or enemies with Tara . The young woman seems to have been separated from Heath and given the first preview of episode 6 of 7 The Walking Dead season unveiled yesterday melty, it could be that this separation was voluntary. The discussion between the two figures shows that they do not agree on what to do now that they sought resources for two weeks with nothing found. Tara does not want to disappoint his group wants to keep looking for ammunition and drugs while qu’Heath not see the point in continuing.
Episode 6 could also take us back a little to see how things went during these two weeks. Next would any episode, possibly based walkers, and then the meeting with Oceanside. Since the promotion of the following applies to all events, not whether only Heath and Tara will be the hero of the next episode, or if we will return all the same in one of the four existing communities in the series. Particular we would like to know how is Mission Rick and Aaron or which is part Michonne, even if what was most excited to see will be the arrival of Carl and Jesus in the Sanctuary . Will the things happen like in the comics or screenwriters yet-they are full of surprises? Tara and Heath will they finally reach Alexandria from episode 6 or will we wait before returning to Alexandria? We still have five days to speculate a little about what awaits us in “Swear.” And you, what do you think?