The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 8 that he will happen in the final mid-season? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 7 December, 2016

A few days before the broadcast of the last episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead of the year, little recap ‘of what awaits us in “Hearts Still Beating”. Beware of spoilers.

The 7 of The Walking Dead season continues and after Chandler Riggs has explained why Carl Negan respects , especially after episode 7 is the final mid-season we are interested now. Indeed there are only a few days before the broadcast of “Hearts Still Beating” and already expects an explosive episode to end the first season on part. Beware of spoilers in the suite since will in part be based on The Spoiling Dead Fans information about what lies ahead . According to the two excerpts from episode 8 we could see, Rick and Aaron are always looking for resources but shooting the pictures suggests that Aaron could fight, possibly against the owner – still alive? – The place that he and Rick are trying to achieve. After their mission and again according FSST, the two men were heading towards Hilltop where Michonne also would end, Carl, Tara and Rosita but this is still only speculation.
At Alexandria, Olivia is still waiting for the return of Rick Negan with Carl and Judith but there are great chances that the presence of Negan Alexandria is fatal for some characters. The death of Spencer is expected by many since his character takes the same path as that of comics, and we now know that in the comics, he eventually gutted by Negan . Spencer could indeed try to betray Rick for many being seen by Negan but as we already know, Negan has rules and a code of honor, and he does not like traitors. Some concerns also weigh on after Olivia put forward in previous episodes. Michonne side, it is always the way to the Sanctuary with her Savior kidnapped. And speaking of hostages, it seems that in the wake of the presence of Negan in Alexandria, Eugene could become one as the pictures of the shooting show that will be at the Shrine in episode 11.
Negan will he learn that Daryl escaped and taken hostage Eugene to replace it? It is known thanks to the promo video Daryl goes utilize aid in episode 7 to try to escape. Maybe he will now fall on Jesus and together they will return to the Hill. Anyway things are likely to move well and even the Kingdom could get involved as the trailer shows us that puts Richard Morgan cautioned against Saviors and warned that if they do nothing, they lose everything . Are these few words the beginning of an alliance between the Kingdom and Alexandria to defeat Negan? Possible … In any case “Hearts Still Beating” should take us to several locations and possibly gather some characters. Between the Sanctuary which Daryl could escape, the kingdom moves and Alexandria where things could go wrong, the plot beforehand and we can not wait to see that. Waiting until Sunday on AMC , discover a new clip of episode 8 of 7 The Walking Dead season on melty. And you, what are you waiting for episode 8?