The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 8, which observes Rick and Aaron? A new index on the arrival of SPOILERS?

Cinema 12 December, 2016

Hours after the spread of the mid-season finale of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, one wonders if SPOILERS have not been introduced in “Hearts Still Beating”.

Just a few hours AMC aired the last episode of the year 7 of The Walking Dead season and after you revealed who had died in the mid-season finale , it’s already the second half of the season we interest. Beware of spoilers if you have not seen the episode! In “Hearts Still Beating”, we find Rick and Aaron refueling mission, but a special plan has aroused our curiosity. While the two men load the truck with their findings and prepare to head back to Alexandria, mysterious booted feet make their appearance . So someone was present to observe. The scene was repeated at the end of the episode when a new observer spy Father Gabriel and despite the optimistic tone of the last few minutes of “Hearts Still Beating”, one can not help but worry and wonder who could observe.
Obviously it does not need more to ask us if the series does not just introduce a new hostile community: Whisperers / Whisperers. In the comics by Robert Kirkman, the Whisperers are a particularly deadly, barbaric group that masquerades as walkers to go unnoticed . Although it is a bit early in the series to do their arrival, we know that the writers sometimes arrange some intrigue to the needs of the small screen but also to create surprise among fans who read the comics. Furthermore the showrunner Scott Gimple had already declared “that it was not impossible that the Whisperers or aspects thereof are introduced into the series earlier than what we would expect when we know the comic” . It is therefore possible that these mysterious shots are a warning about the imminent arrival of Whisperers.
There are other possibilities, such as the fact whether some women who have followed Oceanside Tara to Alexandria although it’s hard to understand what it could bring them. It could also be a new character, can be original and unique to the series, that would surprise some fans about the intrigues of the suite . Finally, some fans speculate about the presence of Dwight who have fled the sanctuary to spend “the other side” before the war started as his alter-ego comics but one must admit that it might be a little early for this arc of his character. For now they are therefore on Whisperers that we build, and now as Alexandria and Hilltop are willing to cooperate, the introduction of a new group could further accentuate the challenges of the second half of the season. Nevertheless it will take until February to find out who it is and wait until then, our criticism of the episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead is available melty. And you, do you have any idea who it could be?