The Walking Dead Season 7: Heath and Sherry, will they ever see them again?

Cinema 25 December, 2016

The first part of season 7 of The Walking Dead is over and we are already wondering if two characters in particular will make their appearance in the sequel!
Happy holidays to everyone ! Who says end of year says Yule logs and other nice delicacies, but not only, it is also an opportunity to go back to what we offered in 2016 – including the worst and the best of The Walking Dead – or wondering What awaits us in the sequel. Today we are interested in two characters – which can be considered secondary – in particular: Heath and Sherry. After a brief appearance in episode 6 alongside Tara, Heath disappeared on a deck leaving behind a mysterious clue. Besides his interpreter Corey Hawkins was casted in the new Series 24: Legacy, so it seems legitimate to ask if its plot will make it back to Alexandria or if something happen to her off-screen that his friends will discover later . Corey Hawkins spoke to Yahoo TV to reassure us a little.
“I can not say much but I talked with Scott Gimple to see how it could work out. My priority right now is Eric Carter” aka his new character. The good news is that 24: Legacy is shot in the vicinity of Atlanta, as is The Walking Dead. From a logistic point of view, it would be more than possible for Corey Hawkins to shoot in both series. In any case, we hope to see him again in order to know what he has become, if he has been abducted and by whom! The second character we are interested in is Sherry, Dwight’s ex-wife who warned Daryl during her stay at the Sanctuary. Christine Evangelista has also entrusted the result by saying that there were still many things to say about the history of Sherry . “I think Daryl reminds her of Dwight before he sinks on the wrong side and she does not want the same thing to happen to her and that’s why she wanted to help ” .
The actress refused to say if it was Sherry who had slipped the note to Daryl but in any case confirmed that this mystery would be solved very soon. She also insisted that Sherry feels no affection for Negan and she sees her relationship with him as the sacrifice necessary for the survival of his family, starting with Dwight . It remains to be seen whether she will succeed in continuing to pretend or if she will finally decide to flee the Sanctuary again to really go and make her life elsewhere, perhaps with Dwight. In any case we hope to see her again in the sequel to know on the one hand if it is she who helped Daryl and on the other hand to learn a little more about her character full of potential. Meanwhile on February 12, is one of melty why Carl is ready to die to kill Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead ! And you, would you like to see these two characters in the sequel?