The Walking Dead Season 7: Judith she going to die?

Cinema 19 November, 2016

One day before the release of a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead, back to a disturbing theory that has emerged on the internet.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-judith-grimes-dangerIt remains a very long time to wait until the broadcast episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead which a new extract was unveiled yesterday on melty. “Go Getters” tell us the further adventures of the survivors but a revelation made in episode 4 which looks today. In “Service”, we learned that Rick knew Judith was not him and that he believes Shane is the biological father of the little girl . This revelation of later surprised more than a fan – ourselves included – because you can not say that Judith takes a prominent place in the plot recently. The most logical reason is that Rick wanted, confiding his secret to Michonne, make him understand why he crouches before Negan. After two of his friends have died before his eyes, Rick is determined to do everything possible to not endanger anyone, including Judith protects it from birth and he wants to see grow up to teach him how to survive. Yet the most imaginative found another reason for writers to drop such a bomb in episode 4.
Often the writers of The Walking Dead are particularly interested in a character before deciding to kill him, as happened to Beth, Noah, Nicolas or Denise . By focusing on their future victim, writers create among viewers some connection with the character to spark a new empathy for him to maximize the impact of his death. Because have very little heard of Judith from his plot at the end of Season 4 until his reunion with Rick, Carl and the rest of the group in the season premiere of season 5, some tend to think that c ‘is to prepare for his death that Rick talked about it in such a surprisingly touching speech. After all having a baby in an apocalyptic world is not easy and with pregnancy Maggie continues, we imagine that two babies will prove even more complicated.
But the writers of The Walking Dead are they really ready to shock us again with the death of a baby? After the massacres of Glenn and Abraham in an episode that many pointing the finger for its violence, killing a little girl could have quite a negative impact on the show’s reputation. Not to mention the enormous impact on Rick and Carl who have both been periods bleak. It is therefore hoped that this revelation on the paternity Judith was just that, a revelation that allowed Rick to explain his behavior and Michonne Michonne better understand the man she is in love . Anyway between the questioning of the possible death of Judith and rumors Chandler Riggs (Carl) could leave The Walking Dead , the Grimes family has clearly not finished being in the heart of the debate! And you, that ‘do you think?