The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan, a spin-off on the big villain is it possible?

Cinema 19 December, 2016

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is paused and we take the opportunity to give some reasons why a spin-off on the charismatic Negan could be a very good idea.
February 12 are still waiting and the return of Rick and the others and then we wondered if there is little Michonne would be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , but we continue to speculate about a completely different Character this time: Negan. The site Comicbook has indeed listed several rather convincing arguments in favor of a spin-off of the leader of Saviors who, one must admit, already take up much space in season 7 of The Walking Dead. But despite this and despite his cruelty, Negan remains a highly charismatic figure it would be fascinating to learn about through a series centered on him . At the same time funny and unforgiving, his arrival was strongly awaited and force is to note that Jeffrey Dean Morgan proved himself to the height. From the first minutes, the actor convinced us that he could do justice to Negan and that the production team had made the right choice.
By giving a depth and complexity to the character and showing that Negan could explode the skull of a character we adore and make us smile despite us a few minutes later, Jeffrey Dean Morgan gave life to a cult figure Masterful. There is therefore no doubt that telling his story, the origins of Lucille, his past and the transformation he underwent, like all survivors of normal life in post-apocalyptic world would visit . For AMC, the concept would be rather interesting since Negan is part of a franchise that always gathers millions of viewers in front of each episode and the complete history of his character would make it a series that could be placed anywhere in The chronology of the universe The Walking Dead, whether before, during or after the story of Rick and his family.
In addition to being charismatic, the character of Negan has already become a brand all by himself with his leather jacket, his red headband and his famous bat Lucille. But this is not his only feature and another of his personality traits could make the success of a spin-off: his humor. Rare in a world filled with zombies, humor is something we enjoy seeing on our small screens and even more in a dramatic series. Negan and insolence clash in the relatively gloomy decor of The Walking Dead and this could be an asset in addition to a series centered on him . In short, there are no reasons for this, and Robert Kirkman’s original source of information and stories is easily exploitable if AMC ever wanted to take advantage of it. One would not be against even if three series based on a single universe could become a little tiresome if the plots do not follow. Meanwhile whether a spin-off on Negan exist one day, Jeffrey Dean Morgan assured that should certainly still be present in season 8 and 9 of The Walking Dead ! And you, would you like to see a spin-off based on Negan?