The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick and Negan, when will they really compete? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 17 December, 2016

The continuation of season 7 of The Walking Dead reserves its lot of confrontations but when the real face to face between Negan and Rick will it really take place?

War is coming! While it was already wondering how Carol and Morgan would react when they learn the death of Glenn and Abraham in season 7 of The Walking Dead , we continue to project a little more forward to wonder – with the help of – when Rick and Negan finally have a real face to face. Season 7A showed a destroyed and subdued Rick but the final mid-season awakened in us the hope of finding him more fighter than ever. Beware of spoilers since it will here be based on the US comics to get an estimate – still speculative – the date of the actual confrontation between Rick and Negan . The episode 7×08 of the series corresponds more or less to No. 111 with an advance to No. 138 and the introduction of Oceanside via Tara. If a season is usually 20 comics, it’s possible that season 7 takes a little more time, especially because it has already devoted two whole episodes to almost a single character and its intrigues like Daryl / Dwight And Tara.
It will take some time to start the next arc in which Rick is going to collect Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom to fight Negan since we suspect that new obstacles will surface and that other focus episodes could teach us more On characters like Carol or Heath. According to the site, and Rick Negan would therefore not their real battle before the season finale of season 8 of The Walking Dead . Indeed even if there may have been clashes between them in future episodes, it will mark the beginning of the war they are willing to devote . In comics, Rick attacks the Sanctuary after forming an alliance with the other communities and Negan riposte by swinging grenades over the walls of Alexandria, thus exploding the homes of Rick and others and of course killing a few characters in passing .
It is very possible for the series to follow these intrigues and Negan’s counterattack takes place in the final episode of Season 7, thus preparing us for a brutal and murderous season that would end in the fight between Rick and Negan . This would allow the series to be completely renewed for the ninth season and, if the series remains as faithful to comics, make a significant leap forward to show the collaboration between Rick and Negan. Obviously it is very possible that several major elements change by then, for example the arrival of Whisperers provide some earlier than expected, or the fate of Negan . As usual, all this is only speculation based on a reliable and logical source: the comic from which is drawn the series. But we know how difficult adaptation can be and how writers like to take detours to surprise us. In any case the real fight between Rick and Negan, this is probably not for season 7, and waiting to see it, discover our forecasts deaths possible in future episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead. And you, when do you think Rick and Negan will actually confront each other?