The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick submitted to Negan, Andrew Lincoln hated this facet of his character!

Cinema 22 April, 2017

While Season 7 of The Walking Dead was very hard on Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln took advantage of an interview with the ComicBook site to get back to the new facet of our hero!
A Rick ready to give up! And yes the meltynauts, had we used to discover a Rick able to get out of all situations and a bit arrogant, the seventh chapter of the adventures of the most popular group of AMC relaunched the deal obliging talented Andrew Lincoln To renew his acting as never before. It must be said that the terrifying reign of Negan had enough to put our hero below ground . While Melty’s editor suggested that you have followed Season 7 of The Walking Dead , let’s get back to Andrew Lincoln’s confidences in an interview with the ComicBook site: “The thing I’ve always loved As regards this role, Is that the writers and the AMC gang have always been very committed to the idea of ​​pushing my character in different directions. They have always tried to explore several facets of Rick Grimes which is really a real pleasure for me. ”
The actor continues : “This season, I discovered one of the most unpleasant aspects of his being: a submissive version, but if the first eight episodes were not a pleasant experience, A challenging challenge for my potential as an actor and I really enjoyed being more bite, having that courage that was pointing in my stomach and sharing scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In any case, Andrew Lincoln wants to reassure us, the next season will be different: “Season 8 will be much more fun. We will finally stand against Negan with much more resources to actually oppose him.” One thing is certain, We are terribly impatient to discover the next episodes and we will have to take our pain in patience . Waiting for more info, find out how much time has elapsed since the beginning of The Walking Dead on melty. What do you think of these confidences?