The Walking Dead Season 7: The real Shiva tigress will surprise you!

Cinema 10 April, 2017

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is over and we take the opportunity to come back to a “character” that has been unanimous: the tigress of Ezekiel Shiva. But who is behind this prowess of technology?
The long wait until October has begun and while we offered you a little recap of all the dead of season 7 of The Walking Dead , it is today of a character Well alive that we are going to talk to you: Shiva. Ezekiel’s tigress has been very much anticipated by the fans of comics, and has made its appearance in the series thanks to a gifted animation team and a rather realistic result. In the last episode of the season, Shiva saves Rick and Carl by throwing himself on a Savior while Negan is ready to shoot Lucille on Carl’s head. If this scene appeared badass and very class on the screen, the reality was quite different since it took a model to interpret Shiva .
The photos you can see above show the reality of the thing and break a little magic … Chandler Riggs, alias Carl Grimes, explained on Twitter that it was for him the best part of the ‘episode. “The best time on the set is when Shiva arrived, it was literally a guy in blue suit who jumped from a trampoline to tackle another guy lol . ” Suffice to say that it should not have been easy for everyone to keep his seriousness in a scene that was yet of great intensity . We welcome in any case the work of the team of special effects and we hope to see Shiva again in the next episodes. Waiting to know if the famous tigress will have other scenes of action to do, discover the final season scores of The Walking Dead in our review of US hearings of the week . So, what do you think ?