The Walking Dead Season 7: What if Shiva had not saved Carl? A video shows what would have happened!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

Several days after the last episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, a video shows what would have happened if Shiva had not arrived.
The days have gone by since the last episode of the season and we took advantage of the hiatus to give you a little recap of the time that has elapsed since the beginning of The Walking Dead . But today it is what happened in the last episode of season 7, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”, that we are interested. In fact, while Rick and Carl are at the mercy of Negan and the latter is about to kill Carl to show once and for all to Rick who is the leader, Ezekiel and above all Shiva land to save the situation. A scene as badass as satisfying that marked the turnaround of balance of power in favor of Rick and his . But what would have happened if Shiva had not been there to attack a Savior, Distract Negan and allow others to attack? Thanks to the Youtubeur WackyWeirdo, you can get an idea in the video below.
The user has indeed fun to recreate the famous scene with a customized version of the characters in the game Grand Theft Auto. Fans of video games and The Walking Dead may have already grasped the irony of the thing since the right hand of Negan, Simon, is interpreted by Steven Ogg that some know as Trevor Phillips in GTA V. Whatever ‘ Negan kills Carl with Lucille, Rick takes Negan to avenge himself and gets shot on all sides . A very probable scene if Shiva had not arrived at the ideal moment. The animation and the desperate shouts of Rick make the scene a little crazy and we are happy that it did not really unfold like that in the facts. But if Carl had really been killed and since Rick did not seem to react before, we assume he would have reacted after all. Pending news of the sequel, Jeffrey Dean Morgan unveiled the shooting date for season 8 of The Walking Dead! What do you think ?