The Walking Dead Season 7: What if the series had already revealed the deaths of the last episodes?

Cinema 16 March, 2017

The last episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead is April 2nd! What if we already knew who will die in this Season Finale?
We know, several characters will die in the Season Finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead ! Of course, it is hard to refrain from making predictions or elaborating theories. Speaking of theories, Reddit members and frequent fans of The Walking Dead are never left out when it comes to going very far in analyzing the zombie show. And on closer inspection of the Season Premiere of this season 7, some fans have come to the following conclusion: The series has already revealed the identity of the dead to come thanks to … a tablecloth! WTF ?! No panic is explained to you.
Remember, Season Premiere of Season 7 of The Walking Dead ended with a particularly moving sequence of dreams where our survivors shared a picnic all together . A moment suspended in time that allowed us to see Glenn and Abraham happy and especially in one piece. But on closer inspection of this passage, the fans of the series have noticed that all the characters sitting at the end of table are either dead or in great danger in this end of season 7. Judge rather …
It is true that on closer inspection one notices that the placement does not really meaning level affinities. Why would Spencer sit next to Maggie and in front of Sasha? Another quirk of this table, why put a tablecloth on one side? Should we see a sign there? Did the writers of The Walking Dead choose this provision to give us clues about the continuation of Season 7? If we follow this logic, Maggie (and her baby), Sasha, Morgan and Eugene should not survive the next episodes . As for Aaron and Rosita, they seem to be in great danger! Okay, we go far, but frankly, This theory still holds quite a lot when we know that Spencer has already left us and that the death of Sasha is almost confirmed … What do you think? Tired by the hair or quite possible?