The Walking Dead Season 7: Why was a scene between Rick, Michonne and Carl cut off from the final season?

Cinema 12 April, 2017

Season 7 of The Walking Dead ended with a rhythmic final season that we did not see everything …
The series of zombies signed AMC is no longer on our small screens and melty continues to help you wait until October. So we offered you there is little to find out who is really behind the tigress Shiva of The Walking Dead , today we return to the last episode titled “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.” Despite a longer duration than the usual episodes, it seems that we did not see everything of the season finale of season 7 . In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner Scott Gimple explained that episode 16 did not show a scene he had loved very much between Rick, Carl and Michonne. ”
“It’s a really touching moment between Rick, Carl and Michonne, and it’s a bit of a basis for the exchange between Rick and Negan later on in the episode, but I do not think it was necessary even though ‘Was a really nice scene, it was really a matter of time because the episode was already 1:30 and the scene in question was a bit long and not 100% indispensable . That does not prevent Scott Gimple from feeling that she was part of the episode and explain that this is the case of many scenes in the series that end up being cut. Because one can not tell everything and with all the characters in the series, one suspects that ” There would be something to say by following each of their stories . Anyway it will probably wait until the DVD release of Season 7 to view this famous scene and find out if it would have had a big impact on the episode. To wait until then, we already wondered when the first trailer of season 8 of The Walking Dead would come out. Would you have liked to see the scene in question?