The Walking Dead Season 7: Will Negan soon learn that Maggie is alive?

Cinema 10 January, 2017

A little more than a month before the broadcast of the second part of season 7 of The Walking Dead, back on the secret of Maggie.

February 12 is almost here and we take advantage of the months remaining until the return of Rick and the other on AMC to ask a little about one thing in particular: Rick’s Negan lie about Maggie. So after we asked if Negan would drastically change in the sequel to The Walking Dead , we now look at his reaction when he learns that the wife of Glenn Rhee did not die of grief as suggested Rick . It is not only alive and pregnant, but also taking the reins of Hilltop to motivate survivors to take up arms against Negan and avenge the deaths of Glenn and Abraham . It is assumed that the leader of the Saviors will eventually learn it and wonder what his reaction will be then. It is very possible for Negan to realize that Maggie is alive when Rick and the others launch the first attack against the Saviors.
Indeed if Rick has not yet rebelled and Negan learns that he lied to him about Maggie’s status – which seemed to interest him – one imagines that Negan would attack Alexandria. Unless Maggie is still hiding on the Hill for a while and she ends up arriving by surprise when Negan least expects it. Indeed because of her pregnancy, it is possible that his friends forced him to stay out of danger at Hilltop, where it can more easily organize resistance . Still, the reaction of Negan will probably be the same in all cases: anger. It is hoped that nothing will happen to Maggie and her baby in the future or that Negan will let this light lie without trying to punish Rick or anyone else.
The more time passes, the more the lie loses its importance since it is now clear that Rick intends to challenge Negan as soon as he has gathered the necessary forces to do so. Not to tell everything to the one who brutally enslaved him in the first episode of the season 7 the embarrass it therefore probably much less now. In any case we can not wait to see Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carl and the whole group prepare to attack the Sanctuary with the help of other communities nearby . The final minutes of the final mid-season showed that hope was going to be the keyword of the second half of the season and so it’s a brand new Rick that we’re going to discover. Waiting to see how they will go about defeating the Saviors and all their weapons, it has already asked how 7 The Walking Dead season would end . What do you think ?